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Excellent Service and Quality

A bit of an old school, quite look. Fit and finish excellent - I didn't need the extra stickers (didn't expect the insert to have one).

Excellent Service and Quality

The original double pyramid not very attractive in my opinion. The bezel fit perfectly (I don't use a press) - align and press hard. Very happy.


I am a new customer; finished building the watch last weekend. I must say I am impressed with the high quality, well designed and perfect finishing of all the items I have bought. Very satisfied

Change my mind on watchs

My mind was blown when the package was open. Inside was the nice looking case. It is one of the best looking pieces out there.i was so impressed that I have now ordered 3 times

Beautiful and perfect

Thank you guys!

Almost perfect

All the experience with Namoki’s products and support has been great. But regarding the movements, you really should include a movement holder, something simple, in your tool kit. If the customer doesn’t improvise something with the same diameter of the movement with a hole in the middle, he will damage the watch’s hands and dial when he has to turn the movement down.

Watch Hands: Snowflake Black Finish
Joshua C. (Spring, US)
Great Lume

So much better than Ali hands. Great Lume worth the $$$ and decent shipping speed to US.

Replacement Diver Clasp
santster (Port of Spain, TT)

Works great. Looks great. Great quality

Orange does it

Love how SRPE's wear but find them a tad boring. This chapter ring totally nailed it! Ready for summer 😎

SKX007 Crown: Polished Gold Finish
Jimmy M. (Jensen Beach, US)
Great quality

Looks amazing and great quality but unfortunately it doesn’t fit my SRPD, I mistakenly purchased the wrong crown however I’m going to keep it for a future SKX build, thank you!

SKX007/SRPD Sub Bezel: Polished Gold Finish
Jimmy M. (Jensen Beach, US)

Fit beautifully and looks amazing

Looks amazing

Looks great with my double domed red AR crystal


Fit perfectly, looks amazing with my sloped bezel YM style insert

Polished snowflake hands

Look more polished than the ones I got off aliexpress, looking fwd to using them

Lovely big case

Had a customer who is 6’ plus and he asked me to build a big seiko mod so I chose this case and built him a gmt two tone mod

So classy case.

Love the shape and excellent quality ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SKX007/SRPD Big Tooth Bezel

Nice fit, a little scratch sencitive


Great packaging, great fit

Seiko style Black/Yellow

Perfect for what i had in mind

Awesome quality parts!

Finally built my own 36mm explorer using all Namoki parts! Awesome quality as always! Here it is next to my Namoki BB58 build!

NMK352 - SRPE Double Domed Sapphire Crystal
Nigel L. (High Wycombe, GB)
SRPE Double Domed Sapphire Crystal

I used this crystal for a GMT build based around the Namoki SRPE Pilot case, and could not be happier with how it looks. The edge of the crystal sits just below the top of the bezel (which I like), with the dome being fairly subtle (which I also like 🙂). Overall, a great look 👍

SKX Slim Caseback: Brushed Finish
Nigel L. (High Wycombe, GB)
SKX Slim Cashback : Brushed

Fantastic finish and quality, and the perfect caseback to finish off my build 😁

SKX007/SRPD Chapter Ring: Matte Silver Finish
Ondrej H. (České Budějovice, CZ)
Almost white ring

If you need more than just white colour on your chapter ring, but steel is too much, Matte Silver Finish chapter ring id the one. Works perfect with white dial.

NMK901 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case : Polished Finish
Ondrej H. (České Budějovice, CZ)
NMK901 case

If you want iconic SKX diver look, you can stop searching - this is it...


Simple and just lovely.