Hand Setting Tool (Compatible with GMT Hands)



Set those hands with ease with this Hand Setting Tool that comes in a set of 3 tips. We've designed it to be compatible with GMT hands, which most hand setting tools do not have a tip wide enough for.

By using the proper tools, you reduce the risk of damaging your watch hands or dial during the delicate process of hands installation.

Tip Dimensions:
Red - 0.5mm: For Minute and Second Hands
Black - 1.0mm: For Hour Hands
Blue - 1.5mm: For GMT Hands

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Customer Reviews

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Chew R.j.J. (Singapore, SG)

V useful

B.G. (Sydney, AU)
Bergeon Tweezers and Hand Remover.

Love the Bergeon anti-magnetic tweezers; however, the hand remover went into the junk box with the other ebay one. I was expecting something a bit better considering it was the only example on offer from a store that caters to watch mods.

René K. (Amersfoort, NL)
Thumbs up!

Fingerprints and skin oils can cause a lot of extra work or even damage to the movement. So it's a good idea to prevent that. Gloves are often a bit too much of a good thing, but these finger covers do their job excellently. No problems using them, but after a while you notice that the thumb is pinching.

René K. (Amersfoort, NL)
A twist of time.

What can I say about a watch stem. It’s a tiny but neccesary part you have to appreciate for the detail in construction when lookin at it through a looking glass.
While modding you always have to shorten it to make a perfect fit between the crown and the watchcase. There’s a small line between a snug fit and just too short, so it is always a good practice to have spares around. However a movement from NamokiMODS comes with a stem, you can also order them separately. I did and received three stems in a little bag. Ordering, packaging and delivery all good as expected from NamokiMODS.

Michael G. (San Antonio, US)

Watchmaking Tool Kit