Springbar Pliers Tool



Ever get stuck trying to change or adjust your bracelet? Well, so have we! This nifty springbar pliers band tool has two forked tips, allowing you to release both sides of a spring bar at once. With this tool, there's a much lower chance of you scratching up your beloved watch case while you remove straps or bracelets.

The screw allows you to adjust the distance between the two forks from 10mm to 30mm, and the forked tips are reversible and can be angled at 45 degrees.

Definitely a great tool to have in the arsenal of the ever strap-changing modder!
Comes with a bunch of replacement forked tips.

Customer Reviews

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Prakash W. (Chattanooga, US)
It is as advertised

Was pleased with it. It was easy to work with and is functioning as designed. Can't ask for anymore than that.

Prakash W. (Chattanooga, US)
Valuable tool

This was a smart purchase on my end. It was my first mod, and by far getting the hands right was the hardest part of the mod. Had to take the hands off several times and reset to get it right. This tool made it easy.

Chris (Nantucket, US)
Love It!

Before I got this, I’d been using the knife-type bezel remover and this one works SO much better! It allows you to put way more force behind the tool and gives you far better control over it as well.

Dr. P.Z. (Bielefeld, DE)

Great for every size

NightShifter (Pak Kret, TH)
UV Flashlight

Worked great