Seiko watches have become a playground for watch enthusiasts, offering a vast canvas for creative expression through modding. While dials, hands, and cases often grab the spotlight, a crucial component that deserves equal attention is the watch clasp.

The right clasp can not only elevate the aesthetics of your mod but also ensure its comfort, security, and functionality. In this humble guide, we’ll overview the main types of clasps you’d see in modding bracelets and provide recommendations on which may work best for your next Seiko modding project.


Types of Watch Clasps

Pin Buckle


The classic pin buckle, also known as a tang buckle, is the simplest and most common type of clasp. It features a pin that slides through a series of holes on the watch strap, offering adjustability for a perfect fit. While it boasts a timeless elegance and affordability, it might not be the most secure option for active lifestyles. Over time, the buckle also tends to loosen up so that you can wiggle it side to side, but don’t let that discourage you from rocking a pin buckle strap that you like!


Deployment Clasps

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Deployment clasps utilize a locking mechanism, typically paired with push buttons on both sides of the clasp, to open and close securely. This style offers a very high level of security, ensuring that even if the clasp is bumped it will remain fastened. Deployment clasps also allow you to put on and remove the watch without needing to manipulate the bracelet itself, which is very convenient. The main downside is that the locking components can potentially create sharp edges inside the clasp.


Folding Clasps with Safety

This extremely common clasp type folds the bracelet back onto itself, held together securely by the clasp components. What makes this a “safety” clasp is the addition of a secondary safety lock – typically a lever that lifts to release prior to pressing the main spring bars to open the clasp. The safety feature reduces the chances of an accidental open. Folding safety clasps provide a comfortable, customizable fit and are easy to open and close. However, given their multiple moving parts, they are susceptible to wearing down over years of frequent use.


Butterfly Clasp


The butterfly clasp, a variant of the deployment clasp, takes elegance and sophistication to new heights. It folds open into two wings, revealing the watch face in a smooth, graceful motion. When closed, it snaps shut securely, offering a seamless and streamlined look that complements dress watches and other formal styles perfectly. Unlike a traditional deployment clasp, the butterfly clasp's design allows for a wider opening, making it easier to slip your watch on and off your wrist. This is ideal for individuals who frequently remove and wear their watch throughout the day.


Diver Clasp


Specially designed for diving watches, diver clasps are built for ultimate security and functionality. They typically feature a double-locking mechanism and an extension tool that allows for micro-adjustments on the fly. It can be easily tightened or loosened, making the watch easier to be worn over a wetsuit.


Recommendations by Mod Type

Dress Watch: Bracelets with deployment and folding clasps complement the elegant style of dress watches. We suggest springing for the security of a folding with safety design. These components add a touch of sophistication without becoming bulky.



Daily Wear/Casual: Folding clasps are tried and true for good reason – they balance durability, comfort and convenience. If going for an understated, vintage vibe, a fixed position clasp is a great complement. For a fully casual look, you can’t really go wrong with a strap sporting a pin buckle clasp.

Heavy Duty: Rugged fixed position clasps can handle getting banged around without concern of loosening or failing. They match nicely with custom bezels and bands intended for underwater, outdoor and extreme activities. Diver clasps are also a solid choice as it can be quite secure; they are designed for deep sea diving after all.


Wrap up

By understanding the different types of watch clasps and considering the factors mentioned above, you can choose the perfect match for your Seiko mod. Remember, the clasp plays a hidden but vital role in the look, feel, and functionality of your watch. So, invest in a quality bracelet and make sure that the clasp is something you’ll be factoring in for your purchase.



And for your strap and bracelet needs, you can check out our myriad offerings to find the best one for your build. For an elegant choice for your next dress watch, you can go for our Nautilus-style bracelets that feature a butterfly clasp. These are available in Stainless steel, gold, black, and two-tone colors. If you’re planning for a diver build, we have options like the Oyster and Jubilee-style bracelets, Hexad bracelets, and more that use a double lock diver’s clasp with push button for a balance of security and accessibility. For more casual options, check out our FKM rubber straps with a pin buckle clasp, featuring a wider buckle for more durability.

If you’re not sure what to get, you can reach us at for assistance.

Happy modding!

December 16, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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