The holiday season brings joy, gifts, and of course, plenty of shoppable deals. This year, namokiMODS is celebrating Case-Mas - our Christmas promo for our dear modfam - with spectacular savings on our diverse lineup of Seiko mod cases (and Miyota ones too)!

From now until December 22, take 12% off your modding case purchase, no promo code needed. Simply add your favorites to your cart and the discount will auto-apply at checkout. With no minimum order either, now is the perfect time to grab that case you’ve been eyeing all year long that you may have missed during our recently concluded BFCM sale.

To help you shop, we’ve rounded up the top 5 can’t-miss Seiko mod cases that deserve a spot under your Christmas tree. Whether you’re looking for an everyday beater or a luxury showstopper case to take your Seiko build to the next level, we’ve got you covered with these modfam hits.

NMK933 Titanium SKX Mk. 2


We’re quite proud of what we were able to make with our Titanium cases, and we hope more people can get to try it out this December with the help of our discount! Titanium is no doubt the best material to use for a diving watch with its high corrosion and scratch resistance, while having twice the durability of stainless steel and half its weight. You can drop this case on concrete all day (preferably without the movement inside, in case you do try this out) and it will still look as new. For modders with sensitive skin, Titanium is also naturally hypoallergenic, so you can wear this all day without getting an itch.

What’s more, it has that exotic and premium finish that you get with Grade 5 Titanium. This is the stuff they make space rockets out of folks, and it shows in the natural livery. It looks so good in fact that even Apple has decided to use it for their Apple Watch Ultra 2, because you can only charge so much with stainless steel.

NMK940 Grand Seiko-Inspired Dress Case


We’ve had plenty of compliments with the release of the GS-inspired dress case, and it’s gotten so popular that we also had to release a watchmaking kit and a ready-to-wear watch featuring this case. The fully polished body from the lugs to the bezel, the top hat crystal, the petite 37mm size - all these features make up for a stunning vintage dress watch that would go great with formal attire especially when paired with leather straps. 

We’ve also released dauphine hands and a suite of enamel dials with minimal branding and typography to go along with the GS case, because we know that when designing a dressy watch, minimalism is elegance, and you can make a truly elegant watch with this case - something to wear on a very special day in your life. Or when you’re going out for a drink. Seriously, you can wear it anywhere.

NMK939 BB58 Style Diving Case


Seeing that the Seiko modding scene emerged with the help of a legendary dive case, it makes sense that a lot of modders are into these diver style cases. We released a Submariner-style case very early in our store’s history which pretty much everyone liked, so it makes sense that when we released a case inspired by the Rolex Sub’s spiritual sibling, the BlackBay 58, the modfam got excited to try it out. We released during Black Friday last year and it’s been quite popular ever since.

The BB58 is quite sleek for a diver case, and at 39mm it will be noticeably smaller than a ‘normal’ dive case, but that sleekness is part of the design’s charm, making it sit comfortably on most wrists and making it suitable for daily wear. The lack of crown guards also adds to this comfort. The bezels are also rocking a slim profile, allowing most crystals to pop out a-la vintage divers. Along with the case, we also released matching dials and inserts in navy blue, and black and gold so you can build a proper homage that looks close to the original.

NMK921 B&R-Inspired Square Watch


While Seiko may not be the first to release a watch with a square case ever, they were the first ones to come up with the “Cockpit” design with the Seiko Silverwave in the 80’s, characterized by a square case and circular dial reminiscent of a plane’s cockpit instruments. It was an award-winning look, and we’re glad to be able to introduce it in the modding scene.

With circular watches absolutely dominating the modding landscape, it was a bit of a gamble for us to release a square case for modding. It paid off nicely though, as modders were quick to appreciate the refreshing look of this case and quickly recognized its potential for various dive and pilot style builds. The NMK921 was released in stainless steel, black, gold and rose gold for versatility, and we were quite impressed with the designs that the community were able to come up with! Some doubled down on the pilot watch look with “Top Gun” themed dials, while others somehow were able to make it appear dressy with masterful choices on the bezel and dial.

NMK931 Field Watch Case


Mil-spec and tool watch fans were having a field day with the first Field Watch Case Bundle we released a couple years ago, and it was so popular that we had to follow it up with something better while offering the close to the same specs and looks. The result is the NMK931 Field Watch Case - a 38mm no-frills case that would be the perfect foundation for a watch that is meant to tell the time and nothing more.

It’s not just a plain old case though - the look is actually modeled after one of the watches from the so called “Dirty Dozen,” which is a series of World War II era watches that are highly sought-after collectibles. Because of the history, our field watch case became the base for countless pilot and tool watches. We even released it in Khaki so you can make something that will match your military attire!

Wrap Up

So modfam, Case-Mas is your chance to unlock a world of modding possibilities. No matter your vision, there's a perfect case waiting to be transformed into your masterpiece - and you can do so with a hefty 12% discount! Whether you’re looking to build something you can wear at the office, at the gym, or when you go for a deep sea dive, our cases are the perfect modding base for you.

Remember, Case-Mas ends December 22nd, so don't let this sleigh of discounts pass you by. Dive into the world of affordable Seiko (and Miyota!) mods, and give yourself the ultimate gift for watch lovers - a personally made timepiece. Happy modding!

December 15, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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