Seiko gets most of the love in the watch modding scene, but there's another Japanese brand that’s starting to quietly make waves: Miyota. You might not know the name as much as you know the big S, but these movements are the beating heart of countless watches, both high-end and budget friendly. Just like their Seiko counterparts, Miyota movements are renowned for their reliability and precision, offering exceptional value for money.

While the modding scene for Miyota hasn't quite reached the same level of popularity as Seiko, things are changing fast. Here at namokiMODS, we're excited to announce our new line of compatible mod parts, giving you the tools to unlock the potential of your Miyota-powered watch.

But don't worry if you're new to the modding game and there aren't quite as many options available for this more premium movement just yet. For now, we can turn to Citizen watches, the parent company of Miyota. Their OEM models will be our beacons of inspiration. Their watches are already a testament to the quality and elegance of Miyota movements, and they offer a glimpse of what's possible with a little creativity and our new modding parts.

So, put on your reading glasses; let's look at the top 4 Citizen watches of 2023 to inspire your very own Miyota mod.


Citizen Tsuyosa Collection

Source: Monochrome Watches


At a very reasonable price point of around $450, the Citizen “Tsuyosa” or “Strength” is indeed a strong candidate for anyone’s watch collection that is still missing a sports watch with an integrated bracelet. This form factor is getting peak interest in the past few years, and JDM watch fans are surely happy that Citizen has decided to release their own version of the PRX-like, though with a much less aggressive and angular overall look.

The dials are available in a variety of Sunburst colors with minimalist typography and slender hour markers – an Oyster Perpetual-inspired look. The 4 o’clock crown is recessed and unsigned, trying not to take away from the seamless look of the case. A delight for those who appreciate mechanical movements is the display caseback, offering a nice view of the Miyota 8210, a caliber running at 21,600bph and a 40 hour power reserve.


Citizen “Fugu” Promaster Diver

Source: Gear Patrol


If you’re looking for an entry-level diver that punches above its weight class, the Citizen Promaster Diver is something that will not disappoint. Nicknamed the “Fugu” or “Puffer Fish”, the most noticeable design aspects of the watch is its serrated bezel and 8 o’clock crown position – both design choices that help with usability and comfort when underwater. Aside from these two standouts, the watch may seem like it’s sticking to the fundamentals, but let us tell you why that is a good thing.

The dial and hands feature very chunky lume-filled markers, which coupled with the flat sapphire crystal, make this a very legible watch to read when exploring under the waves. The Miyota 8204 powering the watch may be an aged movement, but like Seiko’s 7S/4R series, it has been upgraded over the years to add the necessary modernities while keeping its reliability. The 44mm case may seem too curvy and reminiscent of dive watches in the 80s, but it’s a look that grows on you quickly, and before long you’d realize that your Fugu is getting a lot of wrist time.

For the price of around $550, this is another value watch from Citizen that modders can look to for inspiration.


Citizen Series 8 GMT

Source: u/ICantEvenGarne from Reddit


Critics are hailing the Series 8 GMT as the best value GMT, and with such an impressive spec sheet, it is easy to see why. Top of the reasons why one should consider Citizen’s GMT watch as a new must-have (or must-mod) is the Citizen-exclusive Miyota 9054 GMT powering the watch, giving the Series 8 a True GMT functionality. This means the 12 hour hand can be moved independently, while also getting over 2 days of power reserve, a smooth 28,800bph, and an impressive 16,000 A/m of magnetic resistance.

Looks-wise, it’s an homage to Genta-designed watches with an almost art deco look, thanks to its many sharp angles. The bezel has an Oak-like, octagonal shape but wider on the sides that almost reminds you of the Nautilus. The crown meanwhile, looks akin to what you’d see on the BlackBay 58. The dials are the star of the show here, with the black and blue dials on the standard editions mimicking the Tokyo city skyline, while the gold dial on the limited edition watch brings to mind the “sun-bathed autumn grass.”

It may be thrice the price of a Seiko SSK, but with what you’re getting, the Citizen’s price tag is considered justified.

Citizen Eco-Drive One

Source: Citizen Global


For the slim-watch-loving modfam of which there are so many, the best inspirational watch from Citizen this year is the Eco-Drive One, a mind-bendingly thin piece of horology and currently the thinnest solar-powered watch from any brand. At 2.98mm x 39mm, one would think this would snap easily at the slightest bump, if not for the treated case enforced with Citizen’s proprietary Diamond-like Carbon coating to improve its durability.

Beyond its remarkable thinness, the Eco-Drive One offers an impressive combination of features. Its sophisticated design exudes elegance, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The watch runs on Eco-Drive technology, meaning it's powered by any light source, eliminating the need for batteries and can last up to 12 months with a full charge with an impressive accuracy of +/- 15 seconds a month. The watch is also designed so that it would not require servicing within its expected lifetime of about 10-15 years, though if you need the watch opened up, it is advised (even engraved on the caseback) that the watch is taken only to an authorized service center due to the many number of proprietary parts used on the watch.


Wrap Up

The Miyota movement is slowly but surely gaining exposure in the watch modding world. As the beating heart inside countless beloved timepieces, these reliable, precise calibers have enormous modding potential especially for those looking for more premium, personalized watches.

Citizen, Miyota's parent company, offers inspiration with elegant designs powered by Miyota movements. From the sleek Tsuyosa collection to the rugged Promaster Diver, these OEM models showcase what’s possible when creativity meets Miyota’s capabilities.

Now, with namokiMODS’ new line of Miyota-compatible mod parts like the slimmed down SKX007 case and Field Watch case along with a variety of choices for dials and hands, Seiko modders can now also become Miyota modders (has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?). Both seasoned modders and newcomers alike can unlock fresh potential from their Miyota watches.

Happy modding!

January 03, 2024 — Jeremiah A


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