Watch Hands: Mercedes Black Lume w Silver Finish



Who doesn't love a good blacked-out mod! These silver Mercedes hands with black lume will definitely take those blacked-out mods to the next level.

Comes in a set of hours, minutes and second hands. Compatible with a multitude of Seiko movements.

Hands Measurement (in mm):
H/M/S: 9/12.5/13

These black Mercedes watch hands are filled with our own unique blend of luminous paint pigments to produce a lume that appears black in the day and glows green in the dark. Please note that the lume intensity will be slightly lower than our other watch hands with C3 Superluminova. 


Compatible with Seiko movements NH34, NH35, NH36, NH70, NH71, NH72, 7S25, 7S26, 7S35, 7S36, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, 7002, 7009, 6309 etc

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Customer Reviews

Based on 967 reviews
Pau P.X. (San Francisco, US)


Andrew W. (Allen, US)
Decent set of hand

Hands are pretty nice. The lume ends up more off-white than the pictures seem to indicate which makes it harder to match the lume on a dial.

Sean B. (Lebanon, US)
Nice hands

These are some nice hands. They fit the style watch I was working on. The hands compliment the salmon colored dial.

Sean B. (Lebanon, US)
Nice hands…cannot wait to see themprject

Nice hands and good gold coding. It has decent lume.

Ben (Southwark, GB)
Great hands great man and I’ve always said that

I’ve got to hand it to them Namoki have really got a handle on their hands. They held my hand through the whole process and now I have a watch I love on my hands