Watch Dial: Divemaster Stealth


This iteration of our Divemaster dial takes the simple design and timeless styling of the classic Sub style dial, and ups the stealth factor to 11. Our Divemaster Stealth dial will complement any watch mod project that you're working on, especially if you're going for that ninja black-ed out look.

This Divemaster Stealth dial is available in C3 (Green) and BGW9 (Blue) Super-LumiNova® Lume. C3 Super-LumiNova Lume is the brightest of all lume colours, topping the Super-LumiNova table at 100% relative brightness and giving off a bright, green glow that typically lasts for 7 to 10 hours. BGW9 Super-LumiNova Lume is the next brightest lume colour and emits a brilliant blue colour.

Our dials are compatible with Seiko movements such as S26, 7S36, 4R15, 4R35, 6R15, NE15, NH25, NH26, NH35, NH36. 

Each dial has 4 legs for either 3 or 4 o'clock crown positions. To fit either crown position movement, just snip off the 2 legs accordingly.

Our dials are compatible with Seiko models that are using the above movements, such as SNK803, SNK805, SNK807, SNK809, SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX013, SKX015, SKX017, SNZF15, SNZF17, SNZF19, SNZG13, SNZG15, SNZH55 and more.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing -BUT...!

The build quality of this dial is amazing, as expected from namokimods.
Everything is executed sharp and very well. The lume is great and strong - but also my biggest criticism. The dial is an enamel stark white, just beautiful. the layout with the 3,6 and 9 are designed in an explorer style and look gorgeous. but in every lighting condition (I tried to capture it) the lume has a strong tint of green. and this detail is so dominant on the minimal white dial that it destroys the beauty in my opinion. like I said, the quality and everything is amazing, but that green tint, you can't unsee ist and it makes the watch look kind of cheap. which is very sad because otherwise it is a perfect dial...


It looks amazing.

Amazing dial and hands

Superb tropical dial, perfect match with snowflake hands, look like vintage watch.
What else? Nothing it's perfect. Thanks!!


Good aftermarket part

Great vintage dial

I love this dial, it’s subtly red/brown sunburst colouring is a nice touch. You don’t find many gold tone dials so I’m so glad to have found this one. The off-white points are a nice touch also, making the dial feel smart but retro