SKX007 Chunky Crown: Polished Finish


SKX Chunky Crown in Polished Finish, goes great with our SKX Chunky Bezel!

Constructed from surgical grade 316L Stainless Steel, our premium triple-gasket (that's right, 3 GASKETS compared to the stock SKX crown which has a single gasket) threaded screw-down SKX crown is the cherry on the top of your SKX007 movement upgrade mod. 

This SKX crown has been pressure tested to 200m. Rest assured, if installed properly, this will NOT compromise your SKX's water resistance. This water resistance is attributed to the triple gasket design, which has 2 gaskets on the stem housing and a third in the base of the crown body, which seals the crown tube completely.

Included with our SKX crown is a stem that is compatible with the stock 7S26 movement, as well as the NH35, NH36, NH35a, NH36a, NE15, 4R36, and 6R15 movements. To ensure a perfect fit, the stem will have to be trimmed to size depending on the specific movement.

Compatible with the following movements: 7S26, NH35, NH36, NH35a, NH36a, NE15, 4R36, and 6R15 

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Paglialunga
Great quality

I order this chunky crown along with an omega style bezel. It is perfect.

HKLWatch (Rotterdam, NL)
A very nice little accent with a black polished crown!

Usually a crown is tucked away in one's mod, but sometimes, when it matches the colour of bezel insert for instance, it can be nice to put the focus on it instead!

Namoki crowns are top notch!

HKLWatch (Rotterdam, NL)
Namoki Chunky Crowns are the best!

The chunky crowns of Namoki are the best! They provide the best grip and the design matches the most bezel, in my opinion. Also, the red S really finishes my mod here.

Gim Tee Ang (Tampines New Town, SG)
SKX007 Chunky Crown: PVD Matte Black Finish

Fit and finish as described. Highly recommended!

Jorn (Kampong Punggol, SG)
Rose Gold Crown

Excellent triple gasket crown