NMK391 - Orient Mako/Ray Domed Sapphire Crystal (No Bevel Edge)


This NMK391 Orient Double Domed Sapphire No Bevel Edge Crystal is designed for those who love having their sloped bezel inserts sit perfectly flush with the crystal with no beveled edge, creating a seamless fit between bezel insert and crystal.

The double-domed design of the sapphire crystal ensures that your watch dial is visible at any angle with no distortion. It also has the added benefit of looking really, really cool.

Our double-domed sapphire crystals have Anti-Reflective (AR) coating at the bottom side of the crystal. The AR coating is available in trwo colours - Blue and Clear.

Paired with our Orient bezels, this allows you to install any sloped SKX007/SRPD insert, opening up a ton of modding possibilities for the Orient Ray and Mako!

Compatible with Orient Ray and Mako, Generations 1 and 2.

Designed for use together with our Orient bezel and any sloped SKX007/SRPD bezel insert.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Lauri T. (Tallinn, EE)
Orient Mako I

After 11 years of everyday wearing, my Orient Mako I looked very scratched and worn. I bought a set of Sapphire Chrystal NMK391, Orient/Mako sub bezel, and SKX007 Ceramic insert and in result it looks as brand new again! Very impressive! Thanks a lot, Namoki!

AKOS H. (Budapest, HU)
Make your Mako great again! :)

I bought a (SKX compatible) bezel and sapphire (NMK391 - CLEAR AR) from Namoki. I had some doubt about the glass size diameter, but Namoki was so helpfull. Finally the bezel and the glass were set its place and the final result had been gorgeous. :)

Jason (Canberra, AU)
Orient Mako II - Domed Sapphire no Bevel edge - Blue AR

The crystal looks really good on my watch. Really good quality. Very glad I upgraded from the mineral crystal. (Upgraded the bezel and bezel insert at the same time)

Lars M.D. (Stodsbuoye, NO)

NMK391 - Orient Mako/Ray Domed Sapphire Crystal (No Bevel Edge)

Tai (Melbourne, AU)
Gave my watch a new lease on life

I replaced the badly scratched mineral crystal on my Orient Ray a few weeks ago, and have been wearing it daily ever since. Fits perfectly with the sloped ceramic bezel I put on at the same time. It looks like a new watch, and the domed crystal gives it much more visual interest.