NMK903 SKX013 Watch Case : Polished Finish



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It's time to build the watch of your dreams! The namokiMODS NMK903 Watch Case in Polished finish is ideal for building a complete mod - without having to buy a brand new watch and gutting all the other parts you were going to swap out anyway.

With its smaller 38mm case diameter, this midsized diver is the younger brother of SKX007 and is perfect for those with smaller wrists.

Designed to fit all original and aftermarket SKX013 mod parts and fitted with drilled lugs, this case is perfect for any modder's DIY project.

NMK903 Watch Case with Drilled Lugs for SKX013
Case Reference 7S26-0030

Case Specifications:
Case Diameter: 38mm
Lug to Lug: 44.5mm
Thickness: 10mm
Lug Width: 20mm

- Case Diameter: 38mm
- 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Construction
- Fits all original and aftermarket SKX013 mod parts
- Drilled lugs
- Water Resistance as OEM

Each case comes in a set inclusive of:
- 2 x 20mm Fat Spring Bars
- 1 x Bezel Click Spring
- 1 x Crystal Gasket
- 1 x Caseback Gasket

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
David P. (San Diego, US)
Needs better guide

I like that namoki has lots of useful articles/guides on the site for watch beginners. I've also read that Namoki is a good retailer since their parts work together well. So I ordered parts for an SKX013 build including this NMK903 case and NH35 movement. There isnt a single youtube or other guide for "NMK903 SKX013" build. You also dont realize until you start building that many build videos skip lots of important steps. I dont know what to install in what order. Do I install the glass first? Where does the chapter ring go? Namiko says chapter rings have a protruding notch for the case... but the NMK903 has no notch for the chapter ring. The chapter ring also has a perfect fit whether you place it on top (but I think the glass is supposed to go there) or through the bottom (but there's no attachment points). So are you supposed to put the chapter ring at the bottom and it just holds with friction? Are we supposed to glue it?

There are build videos for other cases (like Pilot) or other movements.
There are SKX013 build videos but they dont skip so many parts including how to install the chapter ring.
I wish Namoki would provide better guidance for new builders.

Don (Conroe, US)
Best on the best

Beautiful case and other parts for SKX013

Anonymous (Singapore, SG)
Good Case

Very good quality. Drilled lugs for easy spring bar removal.

S.S. (Winscombe, GB)
NMK903 SKX013 Watch Case : Polished Finish

Built an SKX013 diver from scratch for my partner’s birthday. She loves the watch!

Martin (Vaestra Froelunda, SE)
Great case.

Really love how the parts comes packaged. I really enjoyed building the watch as well