NH Movement Rotor: Cote de Geneve


Rocking that sweet sapphire display caseback but wished for a better finished rotor to show it off? The NH Movement Rotor in Côtes de Genève Finish, with its brilliant striped finish, is the perfect subtle mod for that. Simply screw off the existing rotor for a direct swap.

Compatible with the following movements: NH35, NH36, 7S26, 7S36, 4R35, 4R36, 7002, 7009, 6309 etc and all other Seiko automatic movements with the same dimensions

Customer Reviews

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Chris (Nantucket, US)
The Perfect Touch

For such a small part, these custom rotors really add a serious amount of flair and cool factor to any mod, whether you display them or not.

Kyle M. (Decatur, US)
Great Gold Snowflake

CNC Machined from aluminium and polished so as to not remove finish lay before anodizing. Really cool and very unique. Not as much imbalance as a normal NH oscillating weight but, quite a bit more style.

Martin X. (Clifton Park, US)
Rotor is great, bearing could be better

The rotor itself is great, with the pattern cut deep in it, and the packaging quite protective. However, the bearing on it was loose and came off; not a problem to push back on, but there is always the risk of damage. Also, the bearing is a lot louder and rattly than the stock one.

Manuel M. (Albuquerque, US)
great, all encompassing product

I loved using this on one of the one-off pieces I've built recently. It has a way of taking on a whole new dimension for the back of the watch, which is great.

M. V. (Winter Park, US)
Golden Wave

Is great.