Bergeon 6033 Rodico Cleaning Putty


Got a fingerprint on your dial? Rodico.

Need to lift those tiny watch hands? Rodico.

Remove excess oil? Rodico.

Clean stains? Rodico.

This do-it-all Rodico 6033 is a special cleaning putty is essential for any watchmaker. It's perfect for cleaning smudges or fingerprints on your watch dial, hands, or any other surface of your watch.

It's also ideal for lifting precision watch parts as it will not smear or mark the delicate surfaces of watch parts such as the plates, bridges, dials and hands.

Comes in a pack of one stick.

Customer Reviews

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Vedran M. (Zagreb, HR)


BikesWatchesCustom (Singapore, SG)
Bergen 2611-TN

I love this product. Using it was great. So much ease when ensuring this little parts to be in place when assembling the watch.

Andreas (Munich, DE)
Bergeon 6033 Rodico Cleaning Putty

Great stuff, really helps with not just cleaning the watch but especially with installing all sorts of small items like hands etc.

dP (Fort Mitchell, US)
Bergeon 7055 Lubri-Gaskets with Silicone Grease

It would have been 5 stars except the bottom section detached from the container which makes the lube application somewhat more problematic, but not really a big deal at all. It beats having no silicone at all.

Brandon @.
Best pad on the market!!

This is the second pad I’ve bought from Namoki and it’s definitely the best on the market. Don’t waste your money on the cheap ones from other places cause you’ll be replacing them over and over.