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Have you ever wanted to customize your Seiko GMT SSK by swapping out the bezel and bezel insert? Look no further – the SSK Knurled Bezel in Steel Finish is the perfect solution!

Designed to seamlessly fit the SSK and the best part, it's fully compatible with all SKX007 bezel inserts, allowing you to explore endless modding options!

Here's what you'll need for a bezel and bezel insert SSK mod:

  • Flat inserts: Simply pair this bezel with any SKX007 flat bezel insert.
  • Sloped inserts: Combine this bezel with any SKX007 sloped bezel insert and an SSK Sapphire Crystal designed for sloped bezel inserts.

Note: The original SSK comes with a different bezel insert size and the OEM bezel insert is incompatible with this bezel.


Compatible with Seiko 5 SSK GMT Collection: SSK001, SSK003, SSK005 etc with any SKX007 Bezel Insert


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
J.S. (Roseville, US)

Added this to my SSK build to use a flat crystal from NAMOKI mods. Absolutely love the quality and fit of this LX bezel, couldn’t be happier with how it looks.

Kent C. (Warren, US)
I am very happy with the bezel. It looks so much better than the stock bezel!

I really wanted to put a lumed 24hr ceramic bezel insert on my Seiko GMT, but couldn't find one. They were however available for SKX007 watches, so this bezel solved my problem. I think it looks great. Also, my Seiko Samurai came with a knurled bezel, and I like that very much, so I was happy that Namoki had a knurled bezel that would fit my GMT. I purchased a SKX007 24hr lumed bezel insert from another vendor, and it fit perfectly. I am very happy with how the watch looks with the new bezel and insert.

Eduardo A.D. (Gijón, ES)

SSK LX Bezel: Steel Finish

BG (Skokie, US)
Final SSK coke update

Final money shots.
That what Seiko should have done.

BG (Skokie, US)
SSK "'Coke'' Mod Update-Its Done.

The ceramic insert got replaced with new 24HR Lumed Sapphire "Coke" Bezel Insert from LCBI
SSK Sub Bezel is great fit and love it much more than original one.