Seiko (SII) Tallo de movimiento NH



Resumen en algunos tallos de reloj de repuesto para futuros proyectos MOD con este tallo de movimiento Seiko (SII) que se ajusta a una multitud de movimientos de Seiko. Este es un vástago de movimiento de longitud completa y es sin cortar., Y deberá recortarse al tamaño dependiendo del caso de uso.

Se adapta a los siguientes movimientos de Seiko:NH35A, NH36A, 7S26, NE15, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15


Esto es unInsertar

Customer Reviews

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Brian S. (Denver, US)
Works as advertised

The stem worked perfectly. I measured for the case and cut to length without any issues.

Mark M. (Chicago Heights, US)
Got it if I need it

The first stem worked out great for my duel crown dive watch build but, I did order a spare just in case I trimmed too much off the first stem.

Dennis S. (Berlin, DE)
Roulette date wheel

I hope the quality of the roulette date wheel will be great. It will take some time til I finally see it, cause it's currently in delivery to my watch maker and he will built a watch with it for me ;)

René K. (Amersfoort, NL)
A twist of time.

What can I say about a watch stem. It’s a tiny but neccesary part you have to appreciate for the detail in construction when lookin at it through a looking glass.
While modding you always have to shorten it to make a perfect fit between the crown and the watchcase. There’s a small line between a snug fit and just too short, so it is always a good practice to have spares around. However a movement from NamokiMODS comes with a stem, you can also order them separately. I did and received three stems in a little bag. Ordering, packaging and delivery all good as expected from NamokiMODS.

Nikos V. (Larissa, GR)
Everything fine!

As always fast shipping,well packaged and quality!