Reloj de campo NMK931 Paquete de la caja: Acabado de acero



Ustedes realmente amaron nuestro primer caso de campo, así que estamos realmente aventados para presentar el NMK931 Reloj de campo Paquete de caja - Otra caja de tamaño mediano plug & Play que es realmente versátil y hace una base excelente para una multitud de estilos de vigilancia y posibilidades de compilación.

A los 38 mm, es moderno y portátil, ¡no podemos esperar a ver de qué vienen ustedes!

Reloj de campo NMK931 Paquete de la caja: Acabado de acero

Especificaciones de caso:
Diámetro: 38mm
Lug a la orejeta: 46.5mm
Grosor: 9.2mm (sin caja)
Ancho de la tibiana: 20mm
Valoración de la resistencia del agua: 100m

¿Qué está incluido?

  • Cristal de zafiro plano (Clear AR)

  • Corona de borde de moneda SKX013

  • Bisel integrado y anillo de capítulo (Rehaut)

  • Junta de CaseBack

  • Par de barras de resorte de 20 mm

Compatibilidad de piezas:
Se adapta a todas las coronas SKX013 y reticules SKX y es compatible con todos nuestros marcos y manos existentes.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Keith (Singapore, SG)
simple and nice

Nice design. buy for future built.

RN C. (Watford, GB)
Chapter Ring moves around

Not sure if this is due to chapter rings or case but the chapter rings move around slightly in the case. Crystal and Dial are on as tight as possible

René K. (Nieuwaal, NL)
Case closed.

Never before have I been disappointed in the quality of parts at namokiMODS. However, in my opinion, the NMK932 Field Watch Case Bundle is not recommended due to quality issues. I like the look, size and finish off the case, but should have taken the review from P.S. (Tadley, GB) to heart. The crown tube is really too long and gets in the way of the dial. Such that the dial will be damaged when placed. That in itself can be remedied. I used a grinding machine to grind back the crown tube, after which the movement with the dial could be placed normally. Not what I expected, but ok, as a watch modder you sometimes have to go the extra mile.
The placement of the crystal turned out to be worse. Like P.S. (Tadley, UK) experienced, it proved impossible for me to install it flush. I own two good glass presses and have quite a bit of experience with them, but no matter what I tried, the glass was never completely flat. Since I edited the parts and because I see good reviews as well, I take my loss. This watch case is clearly not for me and will end up in the bin.

P.S. (Tadley, GB)
Crystal next to impossible to fit straight

Crown tube interferes with dial fitment and even worse the crystal just will not sit 100% flat no matter how hard I try.
I use Bergeon equipment and never had the hassle this case has given me.
Gave up and binned it.
No more Namoki for me.

Steven M. (Grand Rapids, US)
Beautiful case

Love this case. I did a build on a larger case from another source because I was unaware that there was anything of this smaller profile that accepted an SkX007 chapter ring. Love this size!
One negative is that the crown tube extends very slightly in to the case interfering with the dial just a bit.