Pulsera de ostras de campo NMK931 - Acero cepillado


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Lleve su construcción de relojes de 62mas al siguiente nivel con un bellamente elaborado Pulsera de ostras en Acabado cepillado diseñado para adaptarse a nuestro NMK911 62MAS SKX007/SRPD Watch Case oNMK927 62MAS SKX013 Caso de reloj perfectamente.


  • Construcción de acero inoxidable 316L
  • Enlaces de extremo sólido curvos
  • Bloque de doble bloqueo del buzo con botón Push
  • Broche de fresado
  • Tornillo de enlace fijo con un ajuste de 3 micro agujeros
  • Reduce de 20 mm a 16 mm

Viene con un par de Springbars de grasa de 20 mm.

Compatible con nuestros casos NMK911 o NMK927 62MAS solamente.


Compatible with our NMK911 or NMK927 62MAS Cases only.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Russell H. (Carlisle, US)
Great fit and finish

The build quality on this bracelet is quite nice and the fit with the Namoki field case is perfect. My only gripe is the holes for the screw pins are a rough fit, which made sizing the bracelet a real pain. I had to wiggle the pins out with a pliers a couple of times. I managed to get it done without scratching the bracelet, but it was nerve wracking.

Xavier O. (Suffern, US)
Nice Bracelet

Works well with the Namoki Willard case. Though the end link to bracelet transition doesn't look as smooth.

Abhishek M. (Mumbai, IN)

NMK926/935 Watch Bracelet: Nautilus Brushed Finish

Ali A. (Vilvoorde, BE)
À perfect fit

It fits perfection to thé nautiles case. Feels very sturdy

Dan D. (Berkeley, US)
It's like getting a new watch!

I purchased to go on a build that I did a month or so ago (I'd been wearing it on a Namokimods leather strap.) While there is nothing wrong with what I had, I was also feeling the need for something different and decided to include one of these bracelets on the order I placed for parts for another project I've been working on. The parts arrived this afternoon and the first thing I did was put this on my existing field watch build.

They are totally not kidding when they say it fits the NMK912 case perfectly! The fit is so precise that I had to actually work at getting it on the case. It's been my experience that there's usually a little play in the end links that make putting a bracelet on like putting a strap on. Not here. It's tight and perfectly integrated, so it took some lining up and fiddling to get the end links in.

When I was done, it was like having an entirely new watch (even though the only thing I'd changed was the bracelet for the leather strap.) I'm very, very pleased.

The bracelet construction is very nice. The clasp is tight without being overly hard to undo. All in all this was a great addition.

I'm adding photos of the watch with the new bracelet and the original leather strap.