Rotor de movimiento NH: acabado de oro copo de nieve



Rocking que la exhibición de zafiro dulce CaseBack, pero deseaba un mejor rotor terminado para mostrarlo? Inspirado en el hermoso rotor esquelético en el BR05, este Rotor de movimiento NH: copo de nieve Se termina con bordes biselados pulidos y es la forma perfecta de terminar su última versión. Simplemente arruine el rotor existente para un intercambio directo.

Compatible con los siguientes movimientos: NH35, NH36, 7S26, 7S36, 4R35, 4R36, 7002, 7009, 6309, etc. y todos los demás movimientos automáticos de Seiko con las mismas dimensiones


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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan B.
RavenClaw Mod

Beautifully engraved design, simple yet clean and intricate. Wonderful custom piece to add to any build.

Alexander P. (Livingston, GB)
Black CDJ rotor

Lovely rotor

T (Kitchener, CA)
Terrible quality

Looked nice, but when installed it wobbled on the bearing. The bearing itself was poor quality, but also the rotor was manufactured poorly so it wouldn't accept a standard seiko bearing. Waste of time and money. Terrible terrible quality, and for something so expensive!

Adi (Bengaluru, IN)
Worth it

Well designed and very high quality on the finishing.

Dan D. (Berkeley, US)
It's Just Lovely

I think that this is a stunning design. It makes my watch feel really special, even if most people will never know that it's there, I do and it makes me smile every time I take the watch off.

I didn't give this 5 stars for the simple reason that mine came scratched. The scratches (there are two that are parallel) aren't visible when the case back is on, and they're hard to see without a loupe when the back is off, but they are there none the less. Yes, I likely could have returned the piece (I didn't even try because as I said, they're invisible when the watch is closed), but they are there when they shouldn't be.