Watch Dial: Spokes by AndoAndoAndo


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namoki X @andoandoando_design

Creator: Ando of @andoandoando_design

Creator Notes: 

Many people called this dial with different names. But I originally designed this dial for a crazy looking Miyota 9039 case (which is yet to be prototyped!) called a "UFO Watch".

So I wanted to design the dial a bit mysterious, with the shiny silver element with lumes.
There are exactly 60 lumed elements (or more precisely, 60 holes, as the lumes are on the layer below it), which are of course meant to be minute markers!

It might be fun to add a bit of color on 12,3,6,9 etc, or adding extra colored lumes on it (my personal favorite is Culture Hustle's LIT series).

I'm also so happy that NamokiMODS is now releasing Miyota 9039 cases. It's a GREAT thing for the modding community which I also belong to.

NamokiMODS made it easy for watch modders to do NH3X based modding. Of course super-skilled modders have been doing super cool mods using non-NH3X movements, but now that Namoki releases their own mod parts, you can comfortably start making Miyota based builds without worrying if the parts go well together. Which is a great comfort!

Now that we can also mod Miyota, there will be even wider variety in the build possibilities (which already had infinite possibilities!), you can expect more crazy, stylish, bold, fantastic, AMAZING BUILDS! Let's go!


This Watch Dial is filled with BGW9 (Blue) Super-LumiNova® Lume, printed 3 times for greater luminous effect, a double layer design with a bright silver plated top.


Fits Miyota 9 Series movements - 9015 90S5 9019 9029 9039


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karl s. (Portsmouth, GB)
Lovely dial

Great quality, the website of the dial maker said it was compatible with seiko movements so I broke a few stems before realising that was wrong. Now perfect with a miyota movement.

Watch M.B.I. (Dublin, IE)
Beauty with an Achilles Heel

I bought this dial to include in a high end build using the NMK 948 case and Miyota 9015 movement. UNFORTUNATELY I have had to abandon the build because the sandwich structure of this dial interferes with the stem height of the movement and makes it dangerous/impossible to install the stem and crown. I’m not certain if there is a workaround for this. In addition the dial only had feet for the 3 o’clock position. This means you have to use dial dots to install the dial - and they are not cool

Łukasz J. (Wroclaw, PL)
Beautiful dial

Beautiful dial