NMK921 B&R SKX007/SRPD Watch Case Bundle: PVD Black Finish


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Introducing the NMK921 B&R SKX007/SRPD Watch Case Bundle in PVD Black Finish, a square watch case that takes its design cues from the dashboard instruments of old airplanes and usually associated with aviation watches, but one we think works equally as well as a diver. The resulting love child is a Diver-Pilot hybrid case that's compatible with all SKX007/SRPD parts - pair it with a dive bezel and insert, or a pilot bezel, the choice is yours!

Fun fact - In 1981, Seiko released the SILVERWAVE COCKPIT – 2628-0040, the very first timepiece with a cockpit instrument styling. It won the Japanese Good Design award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and you guessed it, had a square case!

Case Bundle includes:
1) Square Caseback
2) Matching Crown
3) Option to include Clear AR Flat Sapphire Crystal specifically designed to be fitted with a flat bezel insert

This case is compatible with any of our other SKX007/SRPD crystals and can be replaced to a different style if desired (e.g Sloped insert with NMK302 Crystal etc)

Case Specifications:
Diameter: 41.2mm
Lug to Lug: 49.1mm
Thickness: 11.2mm (with caseback)
Lug Width: 22mm

- 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Construction
- Fits all original and aftermarket SKX007/SRPD mod parts (except bracelet)
- Water Resistance 200m

Each case comes in a set inclusive of:
- 2 x 22mm Spring Bars
- 1 x Bezel Click Spring
- 1 x Crystal Gasket
- 1 x Caseback Gasket

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
The crystal from the bundle won’t fit.

Really disappointed by this case, the finishing is bad, you can see a big step between the top, middle and lower part. Furthermore the crystal (31.499mm diameter) won’t fit into the case (6 tries with differents seals). I also took measurements and it seems to be 0.2mm too high.

erz (Arvada, US)
Great quality, fit and finish are fantastic

I chose this case for my first build and everything went smoothly due to the fit and finish.

Achim K. (Neunkirchen, DE)
Very good quality…looks amazing

Really good quality case.
Looks fantastic.
Fast shipping to Germany.
It was my first modding Projekt from Namoki….but not my last.

Thank you 😊

VICTOR M.D. (Paris, FR)
B&R Gulf Le Mans

Perfect case and nice quality for this original project.

Alton (Woodinville, US)
Solid case, with some caveats

I really like this case a lot. I didn't have any issue with it being tight with the movement, it slides in and out nicely. I DID have issues with one of the screws and bolts (the top one is the bolt) being cross threaded. When I used the wrong screw with the wrong bolt, it wouldn't hold. As I was regulating the movement, I managed to accidentally figure out which screw went to which bolt, and voila, solid as a rock. SO, when you remove the screws, make sure to pair them with the bolt they came out of. I just hand tighten them together and toss them in a cup :-).

But, I wanted a square GMT, and I got me a square GMT. The strap is the Namoki black pilot.

This case wears REALLY big because of the square shape, which is what I wanted (I'm a bit of a giant), but be aware :-).