Top Mods of 2023: Celebrating a Year of Seiko Modding

Before reading this part 2 of our year-end miniseries chronicling the top Seiko mods of 2023, be sure to check out part 1 first where we shine the spotlight on a 2 beautiful GMT watches, 2 watches that show how gold can be incorporated in a build, and a classy luxury-inspired watch.

In this article, we look at 5 more scroll-stopper mods on Instagram that we can’t help but share on our feed. From the stealthy to the flashy mods, here are some creative mods that can be considered among the best of this year’s creations.


Desert Tan by Jack_hypoxia


I’m guessing that some of you were reading part 1 of this series, did not see Jack_hypoxia on the list, and immediately thought that this list is wack. Omitting Jack from this list is just plain wrong, though we admit, we had a damn hard time deciding which one to feature! In the end, we’ve settled on his “Desert Tan” build, whose black, cream and gold combination was a hit with our IG followers. One look and you’ll instantly crave the sand at your feet, the salty seaside air, and the sweat-inducing hot summer sun – this design was released just in time for the Summer, but it surely looks awesome all year round.


Rose Pine PRX by Koda_watches


Koda_watches broke new ground and wowed everyone in the modding scene who was following him, when he one day thought of cutting up a curtain at his parent’s house and using it as a dial for one of his dress watch builds. Many iterations later, and tens of thousands of his fans are still awestruck with the designs he’s coming up with, culminating in what we think is the best looking one – the “PRX 35 / Rose Pine.” Using an OEM Tissot PRX 35mm case, rose gold baton hands, and a fine green fabric, the build is a stunner and conversation starter that looks so easy to style with any clothes.


Arabic Blue Sub by Chronos.mod


Nice, blue watches don’t come as often as we’d like, which is why this deep blue Sub-style build by @chronos.mod is such a treat. The Arabic numerals on the Sunburst navy dial adds an exotic touch to this diver, and the bezel insert is a very close match making the watch face look more cohesive and all the more lovely. Stainless steel then permeates the watch in the hands, chapter ring, bezel, case, and bracelet, making the watch look more casual and a great pair with jeans. A touch of red on the seconds hand also gives the duotone a break. It’s a clean and simple look, and a look that we hope to see more of.


GMT Coke mod by Four_forty_four_pm


Coke watch mods have been around as long as Seiko modding has been around, thanks to its classic and timeless Rolex look. We just have to give props to this flawless build by @four_forty_four_pm, as it perfectly captures the essence of its inspiration while still giving it that unmistakable Seiko flavor. This black and red GMT features a Mercedes handset with a Prospex dial on an SKX case, with a black and red 24 hour ceramic bezel insert whose color changes from a deep red to an almost orange hue when in different lighting conditions. Wear this when you travel and you’re sure to get compliments every day. It may not be a difficult design, but it’s still a look worth commemorating.


MM58 BnG Two-Tone by ___outoftime___


Speaking of a design that has long been around, the black and gold combination is something that all modders should at least try once, because there’s just so many ways to do it and it will probably look amazing no matter what parts you use. This one by @___outoftime___ is the best one out of the many we’ve seen for 2023, dubbed the “MM58.” The Black Bay-inspired case serves as the sleek canvas to paint this masterful design, featuring a black and gilded Marinemaster dial that is accented by gold on the hands, insert and bracelet. A touch of red is also seen sparingly on the watch, specifically in a dot in the seconds hand, in the lume pip’s triangle marker, and on the strap. It’s an endearing look, and many would probably be happy to have one.


Wrap Up

In wrapping up this second installment of our year-end Seiko modding miniseries, we've delved into another five remarkable builds that have captured our attention and the admiration of the modding community. Each mod is a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship thriving in the Seiko modding world, and we hope they can serve as inspiration to those who are just starting out in this beloved hobby of ours.

If these watch mods stirred up your creative juices, go check out our catalogue anytime to grab parts for your next bespoke watch. We’ve had plenty of new releases recently such as a Grand Seiko-inspired dive watch, a Dual Crown aka Supercompressor type case where the bezel insert is inside the crystal, and most notably our brand new Miyota offerings that will allow you to create sleek, premium watches above what the Seiko NH can offer.

And as always, happy modding!

December 11, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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