Another year of modding creativity is in the books for our Seiko modfam. As 2023 comes to a close, now feels like the perfect time to look back on some of the most-liked watch mod designs that blew us away this year in the namokiMODS community. While there is no shortage of flawless and awe-inspiring mods appearing in our feed, a few exceptionally striking mods left us staring at our screen for a long time over the past 12 months.

You don’t have to go to our instagram account (though, we’d be happy if you did) and scroll all the way down to find these modding hits; in this mini-series, we’ll be showcasing 10 of these builds that capture the skill and imagination of Seiko modders in today's feature: The Top Mods of 2023. From subtle touches elevating classics to completely unique ideas, these highlighted watch works represent the cream of the crop of the modding scene.

We understand that everyone has different tastes when it comes to watches, and this is by no means a definitive list – we only include mods that were also featured in our Instagram account, and they may or may not include namokiMODS parts in their builds. This list will be in no particular order.

Now without further ado, enjoy an inspiration-filled tour of the Top 10 Community Seiko Mods of 2023!


Purple Haze GMT Mk. II by JP_wristshop


We’re starting this list strong with a mod that’s going to put you in a trance. 2022 may be the year when the Seiko 5 GMTs were released, but this year is when GMT modding really went into overdrive as more mod parts became available, and one of the best examples of what you can make with the NH34 is @jp_wristshop’s “Purple Haze GMT.” The Purple part on the name comes from the bottom half of the 24-hr bezel insert and the GMT hand, and the ‘Haze’ comes from the beautiful patterned PADI dial that just makes this build stand out. A Submariner-style case is used for the build, no doubt causing some people to wish a Rolex Sub in this colorway actually exists.


Green and Gilded Mod by BBmod_watches


The phrase ‘less is more’ applies very well to this next build by @bbmod_watches, who has added a golden touch to this green diver build that makes it absolutely gorgeous, especially for people who like to appreciate the little details. The sunburst PADI dial is notably predominantly green, which is why the green curved end rubber strap is a natural choice for a color match, but this dial also has a golden inscription for the water resistance rating, which is accented by the Sumo style seconds hand and the knurled crown. A black Arabic insert and a matte-finished case help balance out the mod, making this visually pleasing without being overbearing.


Retrovintage Sports Watch by Modderire


‘Less is more’ is fine and all, but sometimes you just got to go all out, like what @modderire did in this 70’s inspired build. The case and bracelet? Gold. Dial and hands? Gold. Crown? You guessed it: gold. You might think that an all-gold watch may just look like a solid slab on the wrist, but the modder knows better and has mixed different shades and textures together to give the watch definition. The vintage Seiko dial used for the build just looks so at home in the PRX-inspired case that you’d be forgiven to think this was a legit OEM vintage that just got recently restored to its peak appearance. It may appear overstimulating for some, but there’s no doubt that this mod is an absolute statement piece.


Navy Tuna GMT by Nhorology_lab


The Tuna is a sadly underrated model, but this has not discouraged @nhorologylab from making an absolute banger inspired by one. While the original Seiko Tuna has an industrialist yet quirky look that just means business, this version is colorful and fully embraces its diver lineage. The case and bracelet is a mix of navy and stainless steel, the insert and dial is a mix of black and blue, and the hands are red and yellow which represent the Acadian flag. Despite the many colors though, the design just works, which just shows how much planning went into this build because how hard enough is it already to mix 3 colors, let alone 6 and still look awesome?


OP-Naut Mod by Finemods


Frankenstein watches, or those that mix different parts from different models (and even brands) are combined into one timepiece, will always make for an interesting look. That is what @finemods has achieved in this mod that combines luxury and luxury to create a sporty dress watch that you can comfortably wear in the boardroom, as you would at a tennis court. The mod uses a stainless steel Nautilus-style case, famous for its unique bezel that resembles a ship’s porthole. The dial on the other hand, is inspired by the Oyster Perpetual, with a tiffany blue color and slender hour markers. Baton hands are used for the hour and minute hands to match the look of the dial markers, while the seconds hand features a lightning design to add a bit more character to the watch.


Wrap Up

And that wraps up part one of our 2023 top mods showcase! Through 5 jaw-dropping community creations, we hope you felt the skill and passion that makes this hobby so rewarding. The clever mix of watch components and personal flourishes in each creation represent the pinnacle of modding horology.

As you plan your own watch build, head over to the namokiMODS shop to discover the huge selection of parts that can transform imagination into reality. Check out our various movement options, custom dials, hands for any occasion, cases to match any style, and much more. With these resources, the only limit is your creativity.

Stay tuned for part two where we highlight 5 more all-star mods that wowed us over 2023! Shoutout again to these immensely talented modders featured here.

Happy modding!

December 07, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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