SKX Titanium-Gehäuse: Sandstrahlendes Finish



Wir haben eine Tonne von Anfragen nach dem Einstieg unserer NMK910 SKX007 Titan-Case-Bündel, hier ist es also!

Bei nur 8g ist es 60% leichter als unser Standard-SKX-Caseback (8g Vs 15g). Es ist damit Licht, das Sie vergessen, Sie haben sogar Ihre Uhr auf Ihrem Handgelenk!

Dicke: 1,5 mm
Wasserbeständigkeit: 200m

Kompatibel mit NMK910 SKX007 Titanium Case Bündel, Skx007 / 009, SKX013 und alle Fälle von SKX-Stil, die wir auf unserer Website verkaufen.

Für Seiko NH-Bewegungen (wie die, die wir verkaufen) mit einem grauen Spacer.


Compatible with NMK910 SKX007 Titanium Case Bundle, SKX007/009, SKX013, and all the SKX-style cases that we sell on our website.

Fits Seiko NH movements (like the ones that we sell) with a Grey Spacer only.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews

Perfect compliment to the case!

OWO (Singapore, SG)

Ok great no complains.

JP R. (Edmonton, CA)

Parts that always fit perfectly!

Markus (Oftringen, CH)
Simple and clean

Gives my case a nice clean touch, very nice thanks

Dan D. (Berkeley, US)
It's A Nice Touch

Yes, this is tad thicker than the solid metal caseback that came with the case I bought. But frankly, I'm not sensitive that I can tell the difference when it's strapped to my wrist. Perhaps there are those who can, but I'm not one of them.

The specialness of being able to see the decorated rotor that I also purchased and to be able to see the balance wheel turning is for me, and me alone. People I meet won't ever see it or know that it's there, my partner (who is one of the few people who ever sees the watch when it's not on my wrist) barely notices it, but I see it every time I put the watch on, and it just makes me feel good that it's there because it was a treat for me.