NMK948 Miyota Skx Hülle: Schwarzes Finish



In our relentless pursuit of the slimmest SKX case, we are stoked to introduce the NMK948 Miyota SKX Case in Black Finish. Sporting the beloved SKX007 look, it seamlessly accommodates SKX007 bezels, inserts, crystals, and crowns.

Designed to fit the premium Miyota 9 Series movements with increased accuracy, a superior beat rate, and a slimmer profile compared to the NH35/36, the case measures a remarkable 11.3mm thickness when paired with our Slim Bezel and Crystal—a nearly 2mm reduction in thickness to the original SKX007!  You'll certainly notice the difference on your wrist.

It's time to elevate your watchmaking game with the NMK949 and Miyota 9 Series movement for a sleeker, more refined timepiece that's a cut above the rest!

Case Specifications:
Case Diameter: 42.5mm
Lug to Lug: 46.4mm
Thickness: 9.7mm (Case only)
Thickness: 11.3mm (with Slim Bezel and Crystal installed)
Lug Width: 22mm

What's Included?
- Integrated Rehaut (Chapter Ring)
- Slim Caseback and Gasket
- Pair of 22mm Spring Bars
- SKX007 Bezel Click Spring
- SKX007 Crystal Gasket

Parts Compatibility:
- Fits all SKX007 Bezels, Bezel Inserts, Crystals and Crowns.
- Fits all our Seiko Dials with no date windows - snip off all dial feet and use dial dots for installation.
- Fits all our Miyota Hands and Dials

Movement Compatibility:
- Fits Miyota 9 Series movements - 9015 90S5 9019 9029 9039


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Iain (Lewisham, GB)
First Miyota build - and this case delivers. Great quality.

I used several of the other SKX007 parts available - and all fit perfectly. Red AR double domed crystal, glass bezel insert, knurled bezel.

Dan M. (Wolf Point, US)
Miyota Field Case

Slipped right in. First Miyota build. Used a 9015 movement with Namoki hands and a standard 28.5 dial. The completed movement slipped into this case nicely. Attached a Speidel expansion bracelet for ease of use. Am pleased with it. Look forward to doing more Miyota builds.

Watch M.B.I. (Dublin, IE)
Taking the ‘SKX’ to new heights

As a product this case is outstanding! Meticulously finished and expertly machined. Be AWARE that this has a built in rehaut (and hence no chapter ring). Also, the movement and dial installation are more finessed than Seiko based products and ought to be reserved for experienced builders. NOTE: the supplied crystal gasket is too narrow for SKX crystals and needs to be replaced before you install your crystal

Peter R. (East Calais, US)
beautiful iyota skx mod

Well, here it is, a Miyota-Powered, slim-cased "SKX" that has no Seiko
parts whatsoever. My problems with SKX have always been their chunkiness,
they always seemed to parallel the classic '57 Chevy in their chunky ways.
well, this one is 42.5mm wide x 46.4mm lug-to-lug x 11.6mm thick, and it's
that last number that really does it for me, the case has some deep under-cuts,
and using the slim caseback and slim bezel, it just really sits low and flatly on
the wrist. I bought a straight end jubilee for it which i need to get bead-blasted
now, but i temporarily have it on sharkmesh, and it is behaving perfectly on the
wrist. my real test of whether or not this is happening is shuffling and dealing
a deck of cards, no corner-turning with this one.

I think what "SKX" means here is SKX compatible with SKX mod parts, be that
bezels or inserts or crowns or crystals. The only limitation i really see here is on
dials, though there are lots of Seiko date only dials that would be compatible
with one of the Miyota movements offered. When i decided to go no day/no date,
i was reaching for a certain kind of purity, and that always limits your options.
To me, that's often welcome.

Watch Analog watch Clock Font Silver

The movement i chose is a no day/date, the other option would be a date only. so at this
point it's not possible to integrate an SKX dial into this, and that would have been my first inclination, an 007, an 011, or an A35. since it was an all non-Seiko deal, i went with a
knurled bezel and crown, because i like them, and because i feel they really go with the
slim feeling. So i decided on a Tokeilab sunburst black dial, and Namoki hands. The dial
is lumed with BGW9, the hands with C3, because i feel the hands are pointing more to the Scandi-One derived bezel insert ( for some reason, Scandi-One has quit making these,
so you need to go after-market-after-market on this one.) The lume pip is C3 as well,
so the hands and pip sort of pop forward together, while the dial indices recede. I do
love these dials, there's not much i could think of that would improve them. speaking
of which, that seconds hand is lumed, i am curious to see how long the lume lives.
We'll see tonight ( unless i sleep straight through the whole night. ya never know.)

lume preview, is, hot damn! it lights up!

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Watch Watch accessory Everyday carry Analog watch Clock

When you look at those side views, you know this is not a standard SKX. I love carving these
cases, with this one, i gave it hints of musculature, went a bit more biomorphic than i usually
do, especially where the lugs flare, near the end. it's pretty subtle, as its on the case underside,
but it makes it feel more alive, to me.

So, i think in have a keeper here. i may do another, maybe one with a date, i was thinking of that
swirling, metallic mini-turtle zimbe dial in yellow, those are available as dials alone every now and
then, and that would be a wild watch. but i like this understated one as a first effort. And i'll wait and
see if i want to have another of these, i suspect that i might.

cheers, all !

P.S. i think i should paint the "S" on the crown black...a modder's work is never done :)

P.P.S. Thanks to Duarte Mendonca for constructing this watch !

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