A hobby that we enjoy not only enhances our quality of life but also provides us with something fun, interesting, and challenging to do in our free time. It can give us a sense of purpose outside of work.

There are many benefits from having a hobby, like letting go of stress. In addition, with fresh hobbies, you are exposed to new ideas and people. As a result, this helps you grow and have a diverse outlook on life.


If the stars align, your hobby can also be a source of income.


Starting a new hobby also can increase your patience, knowledge, and confidence. Moreover, it’s a great way to make new friends as hobbies bring people together and create bonds.

Actually, most people have multiple hobbies that they love so they can unwind and relax. By filling your time with enriching hobbies, your free time is well spent. 

So, how do you find a hobby?

Let’s take a look at popular hobbies which attract many people. One is watch modding, which is a popular hobby for watch enthusiasts in addition to collecting them.

Most Common Hobbies Today

Car Modding/Tuning

Modifying a car is a great way for car lovers to add a personal touch to their car. Of course, cars are already expensive on their own and modification and tuning is an added cost, but ask any car modder out there if it’s worth it and you’ll likely get a resounding yes. 

There are many ways to mod a car. With a few tuning parts, you can extract more power out of an otherwise regular workhorse. You can get your car vinyl-wrapped for a more unique look. You can swap in some carbon fiber or Titanium parts to make your car lighter. The options are endless! 



However, you’ll need to know that changes can have a massive effect on your car insurance so consider the extra costs that may accompany your car mods.

The changes you made to your car will likely differ from the manufacturers' original factory specifications. Therefore, insurers have to consider a few factors before arriving at a price because insurance costs are all calculated based on risk.

Car mods are great, but there are high costs involved. Unlike other products you use, the insurance costs come every month, so be sure to understand what you are getting into before you start. It can also be difficult to get into - changing the parts of a car might sound intimidating, and a defective part can potentially lead to road accidents. It’s best to get some practice under the guidance of someone who knows what they’re doing if you plan on getting into car mods/tuning.


Watch Modding

A watch modder once said modding watches is just like car modding that can fit on a table, and we think that’s pretty accurate.

Watch enthusiasts can explore their love of watches by modding watches, and creating totally unique pieces. Seiko watches are a great choice to start with, as there are loads of options out there to mod Seiko watches.



Moreover, it’s not hard to find manufacturers and suppliers in the market for Seiko spare parts like us, namokiMODS. We have loads of watch mod parts, and we think this is the best time to start watch modding as more and more parts are being made available to the market, attracting more and more people to the hobby every day. 

Many people think Seiko Mod Watches are only made for minor cosmetic changes, but you can actually build an entirely new watch from scratch with the right combination of parts. And while looks are definitely a big reason why you would want to mod, some changes can also improve functionality or create high-value custom timepieces. You can even restore old watches, maybe gifts from your elders, and make them appear and function as brand new.



While some use this hobby to create new styles or to build their personal collection, some use their Seiko mod watches for resale. Homages to classic divers are popular and can fetch a nice price. 

If you want to get started on watch modding, it’s easier now more than ever with our Watchmaking Kits that contain all the tools and parts you need to build your very own dress watch. There are seven different style to choose from so be sure to check them out!


For years, designing and building custom PCs has been a popular hobby. The modular nature makes it so you are able to build one up to your exact specifications. PC building developed a community around itself composed of people who are self-trained, and interested in experimenting with the technology.


Exploring PCs allows enthusiasts to experiment with custom builds that outperformed pre-built models. Like other hobbies, you can customize your PC by modding the case, fitting it with your own layout of LED strips, and creating custom piping for your cooling system. Choosing the actual parts that go into the build is of course, almost another hobby in itself. 

It’s a constantly evolving hobby too, with better and shinier parts coming out every year.

Many gamers love to build custom computers, and get the most performance possible from their components. The level of technical knowledge to enter this area is rather high, but there is a supportive online community to help. 



Collecting things is another popular hobby as you can start a collection of almost anything. It can be stamps, rare coins, baseball cards, hardbound books, keychains, military watches, foreign currencies… it’s entirely up to you!

The “thrill of the hunt” is what usually gets one hooked in the hobby of collecting. Tracking down a particularly rare piece will never feel not exhilarating. After that, there's negotiating to acquire it for a reasonable price, traveling to pick it up, finally adding it to your collection and cleaning it every now and then while admiring its beauty at the same time. You’ll know what we mean.



You can also make money by collecting things you love by buying them for cheap and flipping them at a profit. You can also trade your high value piece for another one of perceived equal value.

Moreover, collecting some things like watches is much more than just buying the item, it is also about learning their history. You can build your knowledge in addition to reducing stress with your collection.

Have a Fun Hobby! 

Of course, all hobbies should offer you pleasure and relaxation. If you are already interested in watches, you may want to get started by modding a watch.

Seiko mods are a lot of fun, and there is a huge range of parts out there for modders. Homage mods are a great way to create a style you love, and others will recognize. 

If you want to find an amazing selection of Seiko spare parts, as well as other watch spare parts, visit our store now and have a look around. 

Happy modding! 

October 07, 2022 — Jeremiah A