Birthdays and holidays are a great time for gift giving, but there are also other times during the year that you can give presents to friends, relatives, or someone you care about. 

Of course, creative presents for your loved ones can be hard to think of, but if they love watches, we have some ideas for you. 



You can just buy the watch lover in your life a new watch, but there are loads of other options. Watches are all about accessories, and if your friend or loved one likes to mod watches, there are many options for gifts. 

If you are wondering about what kind of gift would work – look no further. We have some gift ideas for any watch enthusiast, and if they love Seiko mods, you are in the right place!


Watchmaking Kit

Even if your loved ones are not watch modders, a watchmaking kit is a thoughtful gift that anyone who likes watches would certainly be interested in having. A watchmaking kit does not only provide a product, but an “experience” that helps make someone who loves watches appreciate them even more.


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With an all-in-one watch kit containing all the parts and tools, watch lovers can also transform their office or dining room table into a watchmaker’s workspace. Such kits give your loved ones an immersion in the world of watchmaking, and which can save them money too, should they be encouraged to pursue the hobby further. 

This is a gift that is not only just a timepiece but also promises an unforgettable experience, bringing the wonders of building a watch into their home where a timepiece will take shape.

A watchmaking kit is also the jumping off point to the world of Seiko Mod Watches. While modding watches takes time, many people love the process, and the results. 


Modding Tool Set and Modding Parts

Watch lovers can improve and upgrade most Seiko watches with new watch mod parts. The right tools and equipment will let anyone start modding watches, and make it simple to do basic repairs or upgrades. 



Instead of giving them a new watch, a modding tool set and modding parts will also be appreciated. A watch modding project isn’t right for everyone, but many people like projects, and building a watch from basic parts isn’t that difficult. 

Especially for anyone who is retired, or loves to have a weekend hobby, giving a watchmaking kit and the parts to build a watch is a perfect gift. We even offer kits that have everything to make a great looking watch!



Watch modding parts can be a great gift but some people might already love their watch as is. Another gift idea for them are watch straps. Everyone needs to have a few watch straps, so they can match their watch to their itinerary more closely. 



Some watches are made to get wet, but if your friend likes leather straps, they may have a problem if they take their watch into the water. With a rubber strap, they can go swiming, and not worry about ruining a leather strap. 

Metal watch bracelets are also a great watch gift and are usually the best match for a lot of watches being released today. A metal bracelet will last for years, and isn’t affected by moisture. 

It’s important to consider what kind of gift is going to be the perfect fit for your watch loving friend or loved one. Here are some ideas that can help you pick the right gift.


Tips To Pick The Right Gift

You need to know what kind of watch your friend likes before you choose gifts for them. If you already know they like Seiko mods, you are in luck. On the other hand, if they like more expensive Swiss models, you may think about other accessories. 

The style of the watch is also important. Do they like classic dress watches, or rugged diver and field watches?


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If they like dress watches, one of the only things you could give them is a nice watch strap, as the kind of leather used can make a big difference on how the watch looks on the wrist. However, if they like divers watches, you have loads of strap options for them. 

For anyone who likes Seiko divers watches, like the SKX007, there are piles of aftermarket parts that allow customization. 

Another important thing is knowing your loved ones’ personalities to make sure that you are going to pick a gift that suits their style. When selecting a watch gift, you’ll also need to consider the size, design, and color that will be best. 

Some people will need a watch that fits in an office environment, while others want something that is tough. Make sure you know what your friend needs, and get the right watch accessories for their lifestyle.


Get The Right Gift at namokiMODS

From colorful straps to conservative metal bracelets, at namokiMODS, we stock loads of watch accessories and parts. You might already know how popular the SKX007 mod is, and we have all the right Watch spare parts for your gift giving needs. 

While Seiko spare parts may not sound interesting to everyone, for some people, they are the perfect gift. Have a look at our extensive online catalog, and also the amazing watchmaking kits we offer. 

With namokiMODS, you always get the best quality, so your gifts are top-notch! 

February 14, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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