The color of the watch on your wrist says a lot about you, and you can choose just about any colors you like for a watch today. Color may suggest personality traits, or also pay homage to your interests, like a favorite sports team

For example, if you like black watches, you may have a strong character. On the other hand, someone who is attracted to orange watches could have a sense of adventure and an outgoing personality. 

Focusing on the colors we like can guide us to learn more about ourselves. If you’re considering a new phase of life, you can choose a new color for your next watch mod! 


Popular Watch Color Combos

Some color combinations just work well. We found a few of the top color combos for your next Seiko mod for you to choose from. You can use a combination of watch mod parts to create the perfect look that you will love!


Black and Rose Gold / Gold Watches

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Everose Gold

Source: Esquire


The Yacht-Master from Rolex is the luxury evolution of the classic Submariner. This Rose gold version uses a 40mm 18k Everose gold case and a black bezel insert that is modeled on the classic Yacht-Master design. 

Rolex is no stranger to luxury watches and a watch like this, while sporty, pops when you see it on your wrist. The color combination of pink gold and black is eye-catching, and can be worn just about anywhere. 

One of the nice things about this Everose Yacht-Master is its understated luxury. It doesn't use any gems or flashy finishing, so while it is clearly a luxury timepiece, the subdued colors make it more approachable. 

The Yacht-Master Everose was also one of the first watches in the Rolex line to use the Oysterflex strap, which is what Rolex calls its rubber straps. For this watch the use of a matte rubber strap helps to tone down the overall flashiness of the watch. 

For example, if Rolex had opted for a full Everose bracelet, the subtle luxury of the look would have been lost. When you are designing your next Seiko mod, remember how important the choice of a strap is to the overall look of the design! 


Seiko Prospex SRPC44

Source: Hodinkee


Known as the Golden Turtle, the Seiko Prospex SRPC44 builds on Seiko’s rock-solid Turtle design that so many fans love. The original Seiko Turtle was issued in the 1970s, but the modern reissue has found a home in Seiko’s Prospex line.

The Golden Turtle takes the utilitarian 45mm case, and coats it in gold, making this a great choice for anyone who wants a big gold diver’s watch, without the massive price tag. 

The stock black silicone strap looks great on the Golden Turtle, but this watch would also give the owner loads of options for strap changes. Otherwise, the Golden Turtle is a regular Seiko Turtle, with Hardlex glass, and the stock 4R36 movement. 


Black and Blue Watches

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Source: Time and Tide


The movement in the watch industry to reissue updated vintage designs has been a windfall for Tudor. The Tudor Black Bay Blue 79220B is a perfect example of a reissue done right. 

The Tudor Black Bay Blue 79220B has an updated design that screams vintage diver! The overall design of the watch is relaxed, with a blue bezel and silver text on the dial that uses vintage-inspired printing. 

Blue is one of the most popular colors in the world, and people who choose a blue watch are especially drawn to the traits of those open waters and clear skies. These people usually have a calm demeanor.

In addition to projecting a sense of calm, the Tudor Black Bay Blue 79220B is extremely versatile, and can be worn with a suit, or just about anything casual. 

The form factor is also appealing. The Black Bay Blue uses a 41mm case that is 11.9mm thick, so it will easily fit most people’s wrists. One thing to note is that this Tudor timepiece uses an ETA 2824, not an inhouse movement. 


Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronometer

Source: A Blog to Watch


If you want one of the most advanced Speedmaster Chronographs from Omega, this one should be on your list. While its design cues aren’t bold, the technical side of the Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronometer are stunning. 

The Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronometer uses a co-axial chronometer movement that is designed and built by Omega, and features both a moonphase and date complication. 

The face and tachymeter bezel insert are both done in a deep black, which looks great with the steel case. The hands and markers are made with a brilliant silver finish, which provides a visual contrast that works both functionally, and aesthetically. 

While this might sound like a lot to deal with from the design perspective, one look at its dial shows you how skilled the design team at Omega really is. Of course, these kinds of designs don’t come cheap!


Blue and Silver

Omega Seamaster Pro 300

Source: WatchDavid


The Omega Seamaster Pro 300 is a modern classic that many people know from the James Bond film franchise. The new version of this watch is stunning, and a breath of fresh air for the product line. 

While the ‘wave’ dial harkens back to the original modern model of the 1990s, the new waves are precision cut, and look incredible. The dial material is glossy, and the date has moved to 6 o'clock. 

Like any of the previous Omega Seamaster Pro 300s, the watch is available in both blue and black. We think blue is the way to go, as this model looks amazing in blue and silver. 


Grand Seiko SBGA375G

Source: Chrono24


The Grand Seiko SBGA375G is the dark blue dial variant of the SBGA373G. Similar to its sister model, the SBGA375G is shaped by the legacy of Grand Seiko design cues. 

It carries a Spring Drive movement, which displays the power reserve on the dial. The rest of the design work on the SBGA375G is stunning, and it fits nicely into the Grand Seiko line.

Like any Grand Seiko, the Seiko dial is a pleasure to look at, and the dial features are finished to perfection. 


Time to Let Your Seiko Mod Watches Run Free! 

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December 27, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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