There’s no shortage of posts about Seiko mods every time we open our Instagram feed. Every day, tens, or even hundreds of new ideas enter the scene, ranging from the familiar Submariner-inspired mods to the intricately-engraved, Superhero-themed builds. If you ever need inspiration for your next build, you only need to go online for a few minutes and you’ll be bombarded by the latest modding trends.

In this article, we want to share with you some of the most interesting mods we’ve seen in the past month, who to contact if you want it done for yourself, and what parts you’ll need if you want to build a similar watch. We’re not limiting this list to those only using namokiMODS parts. Let’s get right to it!

@Self_Winder | “Rose on Rose” Build

The humble SKX007 has been remade time and time again, and in many color combinations. Perhaps the most common, that frankly never gets old, is the Black and Gold two-tone build - popular because it’s relatively easy to design (you just have to alternate the black and gold parts), and it looks really, really good.

Other common color palettes are black and red, blue and red, or just the classic black and silver. Full black mods are also a trend, nicknamed the “StealthKX”.

One color that we usually do not see used for the SKX mod platform is rose gold, and for good reason. It’s not that easy to style because it’s not as flashy as gold parts, but not as subtle as black or stainless steel parts either. You can say it’s almost limiting to mod with rose gold.

That’s why when @self_winder decided to use two shades of rose gold together, the people applauded it.

Using our rose gold SKX case as shade 1, and the OEM SPB240 dial as shade 2, he created a cohesive look that many people are seeing for the first time. The bezel insert perfectly matches the color of the dial, while the bezel, crown and chapter ring match the case. The handset’s body and lume match elements of the case and dial. And to break the pattern is the black rubber strap, which is an excellent idea as another rose gold bracelet could have possibly been overkill.

To build a similar watch, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the two shades that you will use should be an exact match, or very close. Use the case and the dial as your reference parts for the color since these two take up the most real estate on a watch. Once you have these two, you just need to carefully alternate the color shade of the other parts you will use. A black rubber strap is the best way to complete this build. 

And if you want to skip the DIY part, you can reach out to @self_winder here.

@jp_wristshop | Lakers Build

The latest season may not be the LA Lakers’ best, but the fans are still there to do what Lakers fans do. And that is to cheer for their courtside idols with any way they know how.

That includes getting a watch built in their colors, of course.

Being one of the consecutively top teams in recent years, the purple and gold team is a fan favorite for a majority of NBA fans. That’s why when @jp_wristshop built a LA Lakers watch commissioned by one of his customers - it was a hit with the modding community who are also basketball aficionados.

And it’s an easy to emulate mod too. JP decided to keep the motif mild and not over the top. He uses a stainless steel Submariner-style case with an SS crown and bracelet. The Lakers colors can be found on the face. The insert is a half-black, half-purple ceramic placed on a silver Sub-style bezel. The black dial features black lume on the hour markers, and so does the Mercedes hour and minute hand. The second hand finishes the Lakers motif - a yellow hand with a black lume ball that ties the whole look together.

If you mod regularly, the Lakers build is something that will not be too hard to replicate as the parts are not that hard to find. 

You can use any stainless steel case and use a black dial with it. If you want it a bit more eye-catching, you can also use a purple dial with yellow handsets but for a subtle look, you can keep the purple color to the bezel insert and accent it with yellow hands. The strap/bracelet choice depends on the type of case you used.

You can reach out to @jp_wristshop directly if you want a Lakers-inspired watch built for you.

@cswatches_official | Tachomaster

Now we have a watch for the car guys among us. The tachometer is a tool that measures the speed of an engine, and is therefore usually confined to automobiles. And yet, the likeness of a tachometer can sometimes be seen in watches.

Note that this is different from a tachymeter which is a device used to measure the approximate speed of a vehicle over a small distance - a complication that actually exists on OEM watches especially on chronometers.

Ben of @cswatches_official does a colorful take on the classic stealth mod and incorporates a tachometer design on the dial, making for a truly unique watch. This baby goes from 0-60 in, well, 60 minutes, but it will take no time to charm anyone that sees it at all.

The star of the show is the hand painted dial, with the first 20 minutes painted in bright red similar to the high end of a tachometer. The rest are colored in smoothly transitioning hues from yellow to green, to blue and finally purple before going back to red. It uses a Mercedes handset for the hour and minute hands, while the second hand is a bright yellow lightning design that matches the 25 minute marker on the dial. An absolute delight to see whenever you check the time.

To balance the color bomb, the rest of the mod uses black parts, from the Yachtmaster style insert to the case and bracelet.

Although it is inspiring, this mod is much harder to do due to the custom hand painted dial that you won’t find ready-made anywhere. The one on @cswatches_official’s build was made by @dial.ogs - a custom dial maker. If you’re up to the task though, you’d need to find a black matte dial and hand paint it with enamel or model paint. Once you’ve overcome this hurdle, you’re free to choose any black parts to complete the mod.

Want to get this watch built for you? Reach out to @cswatches_official here.

@modfather_watches | Spawn Mod

Of all pop culture, comic book superheroes might be the best to draw inspiration from because they’re relatable, their merch usually sells well especially for the popular characters, and they have iconic colors that you can easily incorporate into a mod.

Rolex indirectly started the trend with the GMT-Master II - a black and blue mod that people instantly associated with Batman. Since then, other watches have been associated with superheroes like the Seiko Hulk (SPB103), the Green Hornet (SPB031), and not to mention the actual collab pieces with comics media companies.

Of course, Seiko modders are not going to be left behind by not hopping on the superhero watch trend. There’s plenty out there that are quite marvelous to look at, but one in particular that had us gasping at first sight is @modfwather_watches’ Spawn-inspired creation.

Spawn may not be the first character that comes to mind when talking about superheroes. His character is an anti-hero after all, and can do evil as well as he does virtuous deeds. Still, the undead vigilante is an icon with a cult following, and the modfather's homage is spot on. To build a Spawn watch, you’d need parts that combine the colors black, white, blue, red and neon green. We’re sure that just with this palette, you already realize how hard it is going to be. 

In fact, it’s quite hard to scout for parts that would match each other perfectly while following this palette, so much so that the modfather has to custom paint the black bezel insert with red markers, the chapter ring with red and purple markers, the hands with neon green, and crown logo with neon green. He made sure that the colors are proportionately spread throughout the mod. Other parts you’ll need is a black dial and a stainless steel case and bracelet.

Want to own a watch like this? You can reach out to @modfather_watches here.

@watchmods_paris | Not a BB58 but Totally a BB58

Let’s round up this list with a mod that is a bit more achievable for the general modder. A mod inspired by one of the most well-loved diver watches out there: The Black Bay 58.

The Tudor BB58 watch, as it is affectionately called by the watch community, has helped this luxury watch brand distinguish itself away from Rolex and come into its own recognition. It was an instant classic when Tudor released it, and it continues to be popular today. Among luxe watch wearers, it is considered to be one of the best diver’s watches that you can wear everyday. The hype is certainly real.

@watchmods_paris states in his post that the watch was not initially intended to be a BB58 homage. Perhaps it started in the drawing board as a simple two-tone mod using black and gold for the motif. And yet after the watch has taken shape, it is undeniably a Black Bay 58 mod, and a very good one at that!

The dial is what appears to be a Prospex 1965 Reinterpretation dial, a shiny black dial with gold, lumed indices. It is paired with SKX hands and a Tudor style insert which matches the black and gold face. The 3 o’clock stainless steel case with steel bracelet completes the look.

If you are after a similar looking build, you can check out our Tudor-inspired dial and our BB58 bezel insert. For the case, the 62MAS polished case is recommended but any stainless steel case with a 3 o'clock crown position and no crown guard should work. Once you have these, you can play around with other black and gold parts to create your own unique design.

And if you want this watch without having to build it from scratch, you can reach out to @watchmods_paris for a quote.

Wrap Up

There’s an innumerable amount of combinations that you can do with watch mod parts, and every day there is a new and unique creation that we can not help but appreciate. Every once in a while though, we get truly inspiring mods that urges you, and almost pushes you to go for that next build. And with more new parts coming out, we believe that these builds are only getting better.

We aim to recognize those builds with this new ongoing series where we dissect and analyze viral watch creations so other modders like you know where to start if you want to build a similar watch, and to spread awe to the general non-modding watch fans.

Be sure to check out our shop as we offer most if not all of the common parts used for watch builds. From the cases to the hands, to the tools needed to put the watch together - we have them all.

Do you agree with our picks? Have you found awesome mods that not many people have seen yet and want to share it with us? Let’s talk in the comments below!

Happy modding!

June 01, 2022 — Jeremiah A


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