Has your Facebook or Instagram feed exploded with Star Wars posts yet? This May 4th, you may see the greetings “May the 4th Be With You” posted everywhere, online and offline. You may also come across Star Wars fans gathered in parks or malls, with all the gear that can be expected from fans of the sci-fi franchise. 

Most Star Wars lovers know what the “may the force be with you” salute stands for, which sounds very close to this unofficial holiday. This phrase was immortalized by General Dodonna in his final speech to his fighters to give them courage right before the assault on the Death Star. 


The first ever mention of the phrase in all of the franchise.


But why is this particular date used to celebrate Star Wars? 

There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the May 4th date with any part of the film’s plot. 

As unbelievable as it may appear - it all comes down to a political joke played by the English Conservative Party to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s victory in the general election on May 4, 1979. 

The following day, the Tories placed advertisements on major newspapers reading: 

“May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations!”.  


A phrase revived decades later. Source: Wicked Local


This unexpected origin may not feel too appealing for Star Wars fans all over the world. Yet, for some reason, the date became adopted by fans online and elsewhere a decade ago, and rapidly exploded in popularity. 

We think this is the best moment to bring to you a selection of Star Wars-themed watches, all of which are made in limited edition runs.

So let’s have a look - and May the 4th be with you! 


Citizen’s Rebel Pilot and Trench Run

Citizen jumped into the game with Lucasfilms to produce two fantastic new watches themed after the Star Wars saga. These two Citizen watches specifically commemorate the epic Battle of Yavin. 

The two have an affordable retail price making them an excellent opportunity for collectors and fans. The Citizen Rebel Pilot can be found in silver for less than US $300, and for a few more dollars, fans can obtain a stunning jet black Citizen Trench Run.

Citizen used an original version of an analog-digital watch released in the 1980s to inspire the actual Rebel Pilot version.  


Geeky and collectible. Source: 9 to 5 Toys


The rectangular stainless steel case of this special edition watch features a dual-time subdial with the Rebel Alliance logo and the X-Wing spaceships inspired by the Rebel Alliance’s colors. 

This particular watch from Citizen includes a digital time and temperature display, making it a very appealing piece for fans and collectors. 

Like its brother, the Citizen Trench Run was also inspired by a 1980s Citizen analog-digital watch, it differs from the Rebel Pilot in having a rectangular black stainless steel case, and featuring both X-Wing and Tie Fighter Pilot icons. 


Garmin Darth Vader Legacy Saga

The GPS device and watchmaker Garmin also decided to dedicate one of its models as an homage to the Star Wars saga and chose no less than Darth Vader as the subject. 

The Garmin Darth Vader is essentially a Vivoactive 4 sports watch, a touchscreen model with health and fitness features, but ‘intervened’ with Star Wars themes within (software) and in its looks (hardware).   


Show you're a fan and count your daily steps. Source: Pcyredes


The case of these watches is made of heavy-duty polymer on its sides and back. It has an internal storage capacity of 3.6GB, which allows the user to have approximately 500 songs stored and the user’s activity data back to 14 days.

These watches come with leather and silicone straps with a quick-release lock. The battery lasts approximately 6 hours if the watch is being used in GPS music streaming training mode, but can last over 8 days if used in its smartwatch mode. 

The Garmin Darth Vader-themed watch features an Imperial crest reading ‘Rule the Galaxy’ etched on the back polymer cover.  On the front, under the heart rate sensor, you can read Star Wars, Darth Vader, and Garmin in engraved letters.


Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon

Kross Studio is the newest brand that joins this wave of creating exotic pieces dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy in the watch market. 

In cooperation with Lucasfilm, the timepiece maker has launched the limited edition Death Star Tourbillon, which is paired with a genuine screen-used kyber crystal prop from the Star Wars story. 

The new limited release is a dramatic design that may very well be the ultimate time toy for those who fall in love with the Star Wars series.

As the watch is dedicated to the look and feel of the “Star Wars” universe, the Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon has a 45mm DLC-coated Grade 5 titanium case with a spacey, lugless form. 


Such an explosive design! Source: A Blog to Watch


The crown has been replaced with a folding D-ring that sits flat against the sapphire case back coming along with a central hub displaying the emblem of the villainous Galactic Empire in enamel.

Kross Studio brings nearly every visual element directly from the films themselves to the intricate skeleton dial

For instance, the hour hand and minute hand take the shape of an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer and the massive Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, while the lumed track inside the applied hour indices uses the iconic pattern as the hallway lighting inside the Death Star itself in the movie.

Finished with three included straps, two of these straps are embossed with an intricate asymmetrical texture emulating the surface of the Death Star itself and the rest is a red rubber strap with black rubber inlay.


Seiko Yoda

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Wars, Seiko introduced its six limited-edition models in 2012 in partnership with Lucasfilms. The models come in various forms from mechanical to quartz, and one of them is the Yoda version.

The watch is designed to commemorate the character Yoda in the movie. This character is associated with the color green and a Yoda motif on the transparent case-back of the watch.


Admire this watch, you will. Source: Sneaker Freaker


The Seiko Star Wars Yoda is a limited edition of just 600 watches worldwide - which makes it a very desirable model. The appearance of the watch is also stunning. What appears to be a simple green face reveals an intricate texture on closer examination. 

It also features a day, date, and power reserve display on the dial. The symbol of the old republic is printed on the date dial at 6 o’clock, making this watch a very special collectors item. 

The side of the watch has Yoda’s name engraved, in an alien alphabet, and the crown of the watch features a bright green cabochon. 


Seiko C-3P0

Another Seiko Star Wars model from the same series as the Yoda is the C-3PO. Much like the Yoda, the C-3PO sports a great mechanical movement, and black coating on the case and bracelet. 


A beautiful watch even if you remove the Star Wars branding. Source: Watchalyzer


The style of the C-3PO is similar to the Yoda as well. However, this model uses black and gold to pay homage to the popular droid from the Star Wars franchise. The dial has a golden circle on the 9 o’clock side, which also functions as a power reserve. 

It also has an image of C-3PO on the display case back, much like the Yoda model. While the 2012 Seiko Star Wars series is wonderful to look at, they are difficult to find, and expensive. 

At namokiMODS we think building your own Seiko mod watches is a great idea, and allows you to take inspiration from any source you want! 


Creating Your Own Star Wars Watches, Why Not?

There are so many ways to use Seiko space parts to create a watch that you love. 

If you think any of the designs on this list works for you, take a look at our online catalog of Seiko parts, and our huge range of aftermarket watch spare parts. 

Many watch lovers know namokiMODS for our SKX007 Parts, but once you dive into our world - you will see how much we offer to Seiko modders around the world! 

May 04, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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