Seiko is mostly known for their affordable and high-quality wristwatches. Yet this is not all they make: they also produce clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors, and optical products. We can assume that working on other products and not exclusively on watches has allowed them to create innovations that no other watch brand can do.

As one of the best watchmakers out there, it should not come as a surprise that there are many good reasons to buy a Seiko. 

Here are seven reasons why YOU should get a Seiko watch for yourself.


Reason 1: High Value for Money Ratio

Seiko manufactures a whole range of watches from high end to affordable watches. There is an accessible Seiko model for all collectors. Even if you only have a few hundred dollars to spend, Seiko has a model that’s right for you. 


The King of budget Seiko watches. Source: The Modest Man


Just take a look at the Seiko 5 Sports series of watches – this large collection is well known for offering functionalities that are commonly seen in watches that are a couple hundred dollars more expensive than they are. Or how about their esteemed Prospex line of divers that are also well known for being well-equipped and well-priced at the same time.

For this reason Seiko’s products are cherished by many watch collectors that are looking for the perfect Seiko model based on personal taste and watch attributes.


Reason 2: Watches for Collectors

Of course those timepieces released by Seiko in its early years have a high value (partly, due to their antiquity) but overall the ‘limited edition’ releases are the most desired by experienced watch collectors.


Each watch has its own story. Source: Monochrome Watches


Seiko is known for launching limited-edition releases of some of its most known models to homage these specific watches and their heritage. The limited number of units produced strengthens the market value of each unit, which tend to increase with time.

These ‘limited edition’ watch releases are usually capsule productions in collaboration with other consumer brands, celebrities or charity NGOs. Seiko may also release a limited edition line as a simple remake of discontinued classic Seiko watches, but with a modern twist. Good examples of these are the 62MAS and Tuna watches which have been reissued to catch up to modern standards.


Reason 3: Seiko Started the Quartz Revolution

Can you imagine a world without Rolex, Audemars Piguet, or Patek Philippe? It almost became a reality during the quartz revolution, when Seiko released a watch that almost single-handedly wiped out Swiss-branded horology. 


David against multiple Goliaths. Source: Professional Watches


In 1969 Seiko introduced the first quartz powered wrist watch in the global market. Seiko is also known for introducing the first quartz wrist watch with an embedded chronograph a year later.

The 1969 quartz-powered release gave Seiko great visibility and international recognition. This event may be considered the tipping point for Seiko becoming later one of the most popular watch brands in the world. 

Seiko’s quartz watches are known to be some of the best available in the wrist watch market. Today, they still offers quartz movements like the 9F series, which are used in the Grand Seiko line.


Reason 4: They Do Not Cheap Out on Materials

Seiko is proud of always selecting the best materials as a corporate guiding principle. It's no surprise Seiko is known for its high quality timepieces, regardless of its affordable price. They command a reputation of excellence.


Source: Seiko


Watch collectors and users are attracted to watches that utilize the finest materials in its manufacturing, in search of robustness and longevity.

Seiko also often applies a PVD plating over the outer case to provide an aesthetically pleasing scratch resistant finish. 

The company also utilizes titanium as the case material and bracelet for some of its units, obtaining a lightweight and ultimate robust timepiece.


Reason 5: Seiko Ensures Professional Level of Quality

Another well known characteristic of the Seiko brand is that they manufacture wrist watches at a professional quality level. They build their movements in-house for better quality control, and all parts are manufactured in one of their factories as well. Their higher end Grand Seiko line uses zaratsu polishing which brings the surface of the watch to a mirror-like finish.


World-renowned quality. Source: Time and Tide Watches


Seiko is known for its series of diver’s watches, all of them conceived and built along professional diving standards. Seiko’s diving watch series are very respected and well regarded within the diving community, both amateur and professionals. These attributes make the Seiko diving series a great addition to watch collectors and a desirable timepiece to scuba diving amateurs.


Reason 6: Seiko has a Watch for Everyone

Seiko owns an incredibly large product catalog of watch releases throughout its history. Seiko is known for its extensive product offering and for releasing capsule series or limited edition watch lines in collaboration with a third party. 


You'll never get bored of Seiko! Source: St. Xavier School, Jaipur


Particularly the Seiko 5 SRPD series was chosen by Seiko to feature several limited edition collaborations with other brands to reach out to new customers. Even without collaborations though, this collection already offers a ton of watches that fit any personality, and this is not counting their other lines like the Prospex, Presage, and more.

They have so many watches, even, that some ended up looking quite similar to other famous timepieces.


Reason 7: Seiko is a BIG contributor to the watch modding scene

If you’re reading this, then you must be a watch modder, or interested in becoming one. Whether it's for a hobby to pass the time, or as a professional modder who does commissioned mods, we have Seiko to thank for giving us this gift of watch modding.



When Seiko first released the SKX007, they were probably not thinking of doing it so people could take the watch apart and install their own fabricated parts. But due to the watch’s insane popularity in the market, it became the platform of choice for modders, eventually inspiring businesses to create custom parts for it. From there, it’s history.

The SKX013, the 007’s baby brother, is also another popular modding platform. So are their Turtle and Sea Urchin watches. Today, more and more Seiko watches are becoming more moddable, so do keep checking at our store as we regularly release new parts and cases you can play around with!


Wrap Up

Seiko may not be the first brand to come to mind when someone mentions luxury watches, but it is certainly among the first few brands you’d see in a list of value brands.

Watch modding is an extremely pleasant and rewarding hobby. The world of Seiko mods is growing all the time. We know a lot about Seiko modding, and do our best to offer the best parts out there. 

Join us at namokiMODS to support designers globally and to co-create with us a vast collection of original watch modding parts. We have loads of Diver watch mod parts, field watch parts, pilot watch parts and accessories, and more. 

There are loads of Seiko mod parts out there, but they aren’t all created equal. If you want to maintain the OEM specs of a Seiko diver, be sure to use parts that are made with the same attention to quality.

We also have a huge selection of Seiko spare parts, and watch spare parts, so please look at our website for loads more about all the great Seiko parts we offer! 

April 26, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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