Watch modding gives you a chance to tear down, build, and rebuild the watch of your dreams. If you love watches and are interested in its design process, Seiko modding might be the perfect hobby. Of course, you can also buy one that is modded already.

Seiko watch mods let you create almost any watch look you can imagine, given the number of watch mod parts out there for Seiko watches. We should know – everyday we see new mods and builds from our customers and there’s never a shortage of new ideas!


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You can customize a Seiko in almost any way you want. Swap the cryptal, dial, hands, or any other part. You might wonder if modded Seiko watches are any good – keep reading to find out! 

The Start of Seiko Mods

No one knows when the idea of modding Seiko watches first came around. We do know that modding originated in Asia where Seiko has dominated the watch industry for years with its high-quality technology and amazing value.

Modding watches may have started when people wanted something original on their wrist without breaking the bank. With a Seiko mod, a person can have the confidence that the watch won’t break like cheaper models. 



Seiko movements are also used by other watchmakers, so the Seiko line was the perfect base for anyone that wanted to make their own modded watch – especially the ever popular SKX007 mod.

While people like designs from Rolex or Patek Philippe, the price tag is a major issue. Almost anyone can afford to customize Seiko watches, and the watch will have the looks of some popular watches at a reasonable price.

Now, Seiko mod watches are popular in Europe and North America, and the trend is spreading even further. You can’t hide from Seiko mods – and the modded watches offer amazing value for the money. 

Will Modding Seiko Watches Impact Their Value?

There is no easy answer to how modding a watch will impact what it’s worth

For some models, like the Seiko 5 line, certain mods can increase the value. A movement upgrade for a Seiko 5 that uses the 7S26 movement that doesn't hack or handwind can bump up the price. Replacing the OEM crystal to Sapphire will give it a price boost as well.


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On the other hand, modding limited edition, high-end, or vintage watches will likely knock the value down. Even if a collectible Seiko looks banged up, it’s best to not modify it, because watch collectors favor original parts over new ones. 

Why Do People Usually Buy Modded Watches?

People like modded Seiko watches because they deliver quality, and unique designs, all at a reasonable price.

Flexible Designs

One of the most attractive things about Seiko mod watches is the huge number of style options out there. Even with OEM models, you already get a lot of variety especially with their collaborations with other pop culture brands. 

As the market for Seiko aftermarket parts matured, a number of makers added their own touch to well known watch part designs. You can use a range of dials and hands to create a new look that will stand out, or you can start with a case and basically build an entirely unique watch.


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Modded Seiko watches can be created to wear on any occasion, whether it’s a professional piece that you can wear to the office, or something rugged and reliable for an outdoors excursion. For people that want a watch that stands up to the elements, high-end aftermarket parts can even outperform OEM Seiko parts. 

Value for Money

Seiko produces all their mechanical movements in-house from the main plate down to the screws and hairspring. As every single part is made by Seiko themselves, they save huge on manufacturing and pass on these savings to us, the consumers. This is how Seiko mods offer an incredible value for your money.



The aftermarket parts available today can add value to a great base. We have Titanium cases that are way more durable than Stainless Steel. We have Sapphire crystals that are widely agreed upon as much better than Seiko’s own Hardlex. We offer slim bezels and casebacks that drastically cut down the thickness of a watch.

If these parts were on an OEM Rolex, it would cost thousands of dollars. With a modded Seiko, it would cost around $500 or even less. 

The Experience

Buying or building a Seiko mod watch also gives you a chance to experience the feeling of owning a totally unique watch, and to immerse yourself better in the design or engineering process. You gain a deeper understanding behind the mechanics of a watch and allows you to appreciate it more than something store-bought. 


It can be a source of fulfillment, and a great outlet for your creativity. Some people even find that it helps them vent out their stress at the comfort of their own home workshop!

Custom watches are great, and you can make it into almost anything you want. 

Your watch – your way! 

Is A Seiko Mod Watch Right for You?

At namokiMODS, we think there is a modded watch out there that is a perfect fit for you. We have all the watch spare parts you might need to make Seiko Mod Watches that will last for years to come, and we are constantly releasing new parts that we think the modding community would love!

With our online catalog of Seiko watch modding parts, you can create a unique watch that has style, and amazing value for the money. We offer a huge range of parts for the SKX007, but also a variety of in-house cases that deliver style and performance. 

namokiMODS makes it simple to build the watch of your dreams! 

December 06, 2022 — Jeremiah A


Gar said:

Like most commercial products, Seiko builds their product to a price point, which requires some design compromises. I like Seiko products and my start was just purchasing various Seiko models that interested me. It didn’t take long afterward though to realize I could make the watch I wish Seiko would have built, but couldn’t afford to and still meet the price point Seiko was going for. Now I get the perfect Seikos for me since I can modify any part that I think needs changing.

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