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NMK909 Sub SKX007/SRPD Watch Case : Polished Finish

NMK906 Samurai SKX007/SRPD Watch Case : Polished Finish

SKX007/SRPD Lumed Ceramic Bezel Insert: SMP style Blue/White

Samurai Hexad Brushed Finish

Wow, in one word.
It rivals the Strapcode for price and is on par with quality.

Samurai Hexad Brushed Finish

Wow, in one word.
It rivals the Strapcode for price and is on par with quality.

Quality Bezel

Excellent quality bezel with gasket pre installed for ease. Good Price, quick delivery. Improvement on stock skx007 bezel.

Steel 12 hour skx bezel

Excellent quality bezel with 3M adhesive sticker for quick installation. Steel bezel looks great on skx007 mod and 12 hour markers give poor man GMT functionality. Recommended.

Ray 2 coin edge

My mod is finally complete and it looks awesome with the po style insert!!


In the picture its not holes for the bracelets but the produkt i got has holes in it.

Perfect case

It's a beautiful case with every single details, great job Namoki

Dual Time Mk2 Red Triangle

Pretty simple brushed insert, easily legible.

Skx013 polished red S

Nice way to give a little accent to the watch, the typeface isn't over the top either.

Skx013 DD Clear AR

Perfect fit. Great visibility from all angles

The jewel on my crown

A fitting jewel for my vintage mod. Fantastic quality.

Make your modding dreams come true!

The perfect light weight case for your next SKX007 build! I adore Titanium watches so was delighted to find this case kit. It includes everything you need for the case assembly including the gaskets.

I refinished mine to remove the polished edges with a fibre glass pen and I'm thrilled with it. The darker tones of the Titanium look amazing and you'll barely notice the watch on your wrist thanks to the low weight.

I had an issue with the Ti Crown, but the team sent me a replacement when I flagged it so no complaints from me.

Divemaster Mother of Pearl

I love this dial! It's a dark grey until it catches the light, then it's a rainbow of iridescence. Understated and flashy all at once. I've got it in an SKX013-sized case, using one of the Namoki slim chapter rings, which leaves just enough of the minute track printed on the dial to be useful.

Beautiful case!

Feel like with all this options now im colleting convertions cases... but this one i really good, something that I did like a lot, is that its bigger than what i spected, so its great for current standards....and everything fits perfect

Nice insert

Its a good product, fit perfect and its really a differente offer from other sites

Great case!!! beutifull base for a mod

I really bougth this by impulse, but when i received realized how beatifull it is, the finish is great and being compatible with all the skx parts make it more appealing... i really recomend it.

62MAS polished Case

Very nice and quality case. Fast shipping to Europe with DHL Express.
Another happy purchase from Namoki.

Beautiful Dial!

The dial is beautiful! However the lume is nowhere near as powerful as stock seiko.

Fifty Fathoms Polished Finish

Elegant blades to enhance any dial and really light up the night- the lume is super bright

Polished SKX display caseback

Tight! No worries fitting with the grey spacer.


Excellent parts and services!

Great build

Good build, nice presentation with box. Comfortable to wear