If you’re trying to get into watch modding, Watchmaking kits sound like the easiest way to do it, next to modding the watch you already have. Watch lovers can start modding the easy way, and buy a kit that has all the parts they need to get into the hobby. 

Right now, people of almost any skill level can start modding and practice building their own watches from the ground up. Clearly, there are many different kinds of watch making kits out there, and they aren’t all created equal! 

What Is A Watchmaking Kit?

A watchmaking kit has all the parts you need to build a complete, working watch. You will get a case, crystal, bezel, crown, movement, face, hands, and all the small parts needed to complete the build. These parts are usually pre-selected to make sure that they all fit together and, of course, look great together.



Depending on where you buy your watchmaking kit, it may include all the tools you need to finish the build. At namokiMODS, we have a range of watchmaking kits that feature top-tier watch mod parts, and a great beginner’s toolkit that will be perfect to start your modding journey. 


Should You Buy A Seiko Modding Kit?


Everything You Need in One Package

Watchmaking kits are perfect for people who are new to modding or don’t have any watch modding tools yet. If you’re not familiar with all the watch models that can be modded, or their compatibility with different movements, having a watch kit will save you a lot of headache. 



Small but essential parts like gaskets are easy to forget as well if you are buying parts individually, and since these affect things like a watch’s water resistance, it’s great to know that with a watch kit, you won’t have to worry about these as much.

You will need to source the tools on your own as well, as you can’t build a watch without a tool kit!  


Fitment of Parts is Guaranteed (with a good supplier)

While watch parts look similar, they aren’t all compatible. The tiny holes in the hands must be a certain size to fit the pinion on the movement (the part that moves the hands), and if you buy the wrong ones, you won’t be able to finish the build. 



You can also get a strap for SKX007 watches, only to find out that they are only compatible with SKX cases from one shop but not one from a different shop.

Buying the right hands or strap are just a couple of examples of all the details that go into a successful watch build, and there are many more. 

Learning while you work on a watch is fine, but if you have the wrong parts, you will likely do damage to the watch parts you bought, and waste time and money. A watchmaking kit from a reputable dealer makes sure you have everything you need to build a watch, and all the parts will work together.


Instructions are Included

Building a complete watch is no doubt a complicated process. In the early days, professional watch modders have to go through many builds before perfecting the techniques and developing the finesse needed to build timepieces.



Today, aspiring modders can avail these kits which have instructions for the build included, making the first build a lot easier. There’s no need to watch multiple videos or read articles that may or may not be correct for the particular build that you are going for. Of course, research is not eliminated completely as you may still need to refer to other resources to fine tune your build.


Prices can be Lower than Buying Parts Individually

Since the shop is essentially selling more parts in one package, they have the ability to price a watch kit lower than the sum of the individual parts. If you are choosing each part for a full build, it is not uncommon to reach over $500 in costs, especially if you are sourcing from different watch mod parts shops.

Among our 8 currently available watchmaking kits, only one has breached the $300 price point. With the savings, you can pretty much buy more parts that you can use for other builds.



Designs Offered aren’t Infinite or Customizable

The ultimate goal of watch modding is to create a timepiece that is set to your exact specifications - a watch that is perfect for you. Watchmaking kits are usually designed so that the final product is a watch that follows the trending look.

So if your idea of the perfect watch is something unique and that nobody else has, you will need additional parts to customize.

Eliminates a Lot of Research

Some say the journey is more important than the destination. For watch modding, this means the process of learning how to mod can be more fun, more immersive, and more important than the watch being built. 

New modders used to need to do hours upon hours of research, reading or watching tutorials, reviews, and recommendations before feeling comfortable enough to dive into watch modding. 

Then, they’d spend weeks, even months to assemble a parts list for their ideal mod. And when it’s time to actually start modding, they may still need hours more for troubleshooting for the issues they encounter.

Now, the entire process is condensed to a single afternoon of watchmaking. This convenience is of course, a huge plus for a lot of people, but for those who are in it for the authentic modding experience, it can be a bit too convenient.


Know What You Are Buying

If you are building your first watch, you may feel a little bit intimidated. 

Doing a few small mods on a watch, like swapping out the bezel insert, is a lot different when compared to a build from the ground-up. If you want to avoid a big mess on your first build, using pre-selected high quality parts is a great option to have. 



When you buy a watchmaking kit, the parts you get are fixed, and the design you will have at the end of the build is chosen when you buy the kit. Of course, once you practice your watch building skills, you can opt to mod the watch with some new parts!


A Great Jumping Off Point 

Buying a Seiko mod kit is one of the best ways to start modding. At namokiMODS, we offer a wide range of watchmaking kits that include all the tools you need, and a great set of watch parts to get you started in the world of Seiko mod watches. 

Have a look at our extensive online catalog, and start thinking about the watch of your dreams. 

Happy modding!

10 janvier, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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