Many watch collectors love brands like Cartier, Piaget, and Bulgari for their creative and bold vintage watch designs. However, one brand that doesn't get as much attention is Chopard. While Chopard based in Geneva, Switzerland is well-known today for making luxurious watches and jewelry, their older vintage watches are an underappreciated treasure.

The famous musician Elton John felt this way. His amazing watch collection included some very special Chopard pieces. One standout was a yellow gold Imperiale chronograph covered in diamonds and sapphire gems. This ornate watch perfectly matched Elton's love for over-the-top designs. Its opulence reminded people that Chopard has a long history of making bold statement timepieces.


Source: @tony_traina on IG


But Chopard is about more than just blingy jeweled watches. In the 1970s and 80s, the brand experimented with watches that broke the rules, using unique shapes, textures and materials.

One example is Chopard's bangle-style watches from the 70s. These cuff watches combined fine jewelry elegance with a functional timepiece. Some had intricate gold link bracelets while others featured gemstones like onyx and coral. These watches captured the free-spirited style of that era.

Chopard also made some wild dual-time and multi-time zone watches back then. With huge cases over 40mm, these had multiple dials and movements inside angular cases. They showed off Chopard's watchmaking skills.


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In the 80s, Chopard launched the sporty St. Moritz line inspired by the famous Swiss ski town. While the steel cases and bracelets were practical, some models stunned with skeletonized movements you could see through and rainbow gemstone settings years ahead of their time.

Vintage Chopard pieces still attract fans today. "Chopard vintage is still too under the radar, in my opinion. The brand has long been overlooked by collectors," says Paris watch dealer Julien Toretto. "Chopard's strength has been in its designs, especially its dual timepieces."

What makes these old Chopard watches so cool is their committed to creative designs and expert craftsmanship. At a time when most watchmaking followed strict rules, Chopard dared to be different by celebrating individuality.

While other big-name brands get more attention for vintage watches, smart collectors are discovering the unsung beauty of Chopard's past works. For those willing to embrace an eccentric style like Elton John, these timepieces offer a gateway into a world of innovative artistry and pure watchmaking joy.

March 12, 2024 — Jeremiah A