Few things in this world are predictable. If you told someone in February 2022 that they would be able to buy an Omega for less than $300, you would be called many unsavory names. Unbeknownst to him is that one month later, it will become a reality with the release of the Omega x Swatch BioCeramic Speedmaster MoonSwatch. This collection of 11 colorful timepieces reimagined the legendary Omega Speedmaster at a fraction of its usual cost, unsurprisingly causing an uproar among skeptics and eager owners. This groundbreaking release has since become one of the most talked-about products in recent watch history, blurring the lines between luxury and accessibility.

The MoonSwatch concept is both simple and ambitious: take the iconic design of the Omega Speedmaster Professional, the first watch worn on the moon, and recreate it using Swatch's signature playful approach and innovative materials. Each of the 11 models in the collection represents a different celestial body in our solar system, from the Sun to Pluto, with unique color schemes to match. Let’s look a bit closer at this collection in this deep dive.


Materials and Construction

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Though a few enthusiasts would reduce it to a “plastic watch”, at the heart of the MoonSwatch is its case, made from a material called BioCeramic. This Swatch-patented composite consists of two-thirds ceramic and one-third bio-sourced plastic derived from castor oil. The result is a lightweight, durable material that can be easily colored, allowing for the vibrant palette that defines the collection. While it may not have the heft or premium feel of the original Speedmaster's metal case, it enables the watch to initially retail at $260.


Design Details


The attention to detail in recreating the Speedmaster's iconic design would impress even the most die-hard of Omega fans. From the asymmetrical case with its twisted lugs to the tachymeter bezel with its signature "dot over 90," the MoonSwatch captures the essence of the original. Even small details, like the etched "S" on the crystal mimicking the Omega symbol found on acrylic Speedmaster crystals, show a commitment to authenticity.

It is not to be considered a mere replica, however. It proudly displays both Omega and Swatch branding on the dial, creating a unique identity that bridges the gap between luxury and affordability and giving proper credit for the contributions of each brand. The dial layout differs from the original Speedmaster due to the use of a quartz movement though, with subdials arranged at 2, 6, and 10 o'clock positions.

The movement inside the MoonSwatch is an ETA G10.212, offering chronograph functionality with central seconds, a 60-minute counter, and a 1/10th second counter. While it lacks the mechanical charm of the original Speedmaster, it provides accurate timekeeping and additional features like a split-second function. 


The Different Missions

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One of the most striking aspects of the MoonSwatch is its colorful approach to the traditionally monochromatic Speedmaster design. Each of the 11 models in the collection represents a different celestial body:

  • Mission to the Sun: Vibrant yellow
  • Mission to Mercury: Light gray
  • Mission to Venus: Pastel pink
  • Mission to Earth: Blue and green
  • Mission to the Moon: Light gray/white
  • Mission to Mars: Bold red
  • Mission to Jupiter: Khaki beige
  • Mission to Saturn: Beige and brown
  • Mission to Uranus: Light blue
  • Mission to Neptune: Deep blue
  • Mission to Pluto: Gray and burgundy

This playful use of color extends to the included Velcro strap, which mimics the NASA-style straps associated with the original Moonwatch. Each strap is color-coordinated to match its specific "Mission" and features a case-matching BioCeramic ring.

The vibrant colors not only make the MoonSwatch visually appealing but also allow wearers to express their personality in a way that the original Speedmaster doesn't. For example, the Mission to Mars, with its bold red case and strap, offers a striking and energetic look, while the Mission to Earth, with its blue and green tones, provides a more subdued yet equally distinctive appearance.

Moreover, the use of color in the MoonSwatch collection has inspired many owners to experiment with different strap combinations. The standard 20mm lug width opens up a world of possibilities for customization. Some enthusiasts have found that pairing these colorful cases with contrasting NATO straps, leather bands, or even metal bracelets can create unique and eye-catching combinations, further enhancing the versatility of the MoonSwatch. Almost sounds like Seiko modding, we know!


On the Wrist

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The MoonSwatch's lightweight BioCeramic construction makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. At just a fraction of the weight of a traditional Speedmaster, it's a watch you can easily forget you're wearing. However, some users have reported that the included Velcro strap, while pretty, can be stiff and uncomfortable. Fortunately, the standard 20mm lug width allows for easy strap changes to suit individual preferences.


Market Impact

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The launch of the MoonSwatch sent shockwaves through the watch community, creating scenes of chaos at Swatch stores around the globe. With its initial release limited to select physical locations, the scarcity drove secondary market prices through the roof. Swatch has since promised broader availability, including online sales. 

For watch collectors, the MoonSwatch represents a unique piece that bridges the gap between accessible quartz watches and luxury timepieces. While it may not replace the desire for an authentic Omega Speedmaster, it offers a fun and affordable way to experience the iconic design. Some collectors have even taken on the challenge of acquiring all 11 models in the series. Mission impossible? Not for the determined and deep-pocketed!

The success of the MoonSwatch collaboration opens up interesting possibilities for future projects between luxury and affordable watch brands. It might also influence Omega's strategy moving forward, potentially leading to more accessible options in their main lineup or additional limited-edition collaborations.


Wrap Up

The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch is a bold experiment in watchmaking, one that has successfully captured the imagination of both watch enthusiasts and the general public evidenced by the countless online discussions on forums and watch blog comment sections. By combining the prestige of Omega's design with Swatch's affordability and playfulness, it has created a new category of timepiece that challenges traditional notions of luxury in the watch industry. Whether it's a one-time phenomenon or the beginning of a new trend remains to be seen, but its impact on the watch world is undeniable and carries on well into 2024.

And if you’re a modder that was enamored with the MoonSwatch, there’s more excitement on the horizon. We’re gearing up to launch new parts and movements that will allow you to create your personalized chronograph watch, so stay tuned for our upcoming reveal!

Happy modding!

July 09, 2024 — Jeremiah A

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