As the name implies, a watch caseback can be found on the back of the case which can be removed to gain access to the movement. The SKX007 caseback (as well as the SKX013) can be easily removed with tools, making it easy to modify the watch. If you are looking for a shop that sells SKX casebacks, you've come to the right place.


The caseback provides protection for the movement, as well as shows details about it. For example, some will show where and when it was made whereas others only provide technical specifications about its machinery or decoration. Whether or not a case closure has any kind of inscription will depend entirely on what you are looking at and how far up in price range you go for your buy.

A caseback can also state who made or bought it and when they did so - something that is more common among the wealthier watch enthusiasts with a taste for bespoke items.


Many watch collectors enjoy reading the inscriptions on the casebacks of famous brands such as Rolex. Simply by reading some inscriptions on a watch, you can learn a great deal about the brand itself. For instance, many centuries ago, Rolex was created by Hans Wilsdorf and he often added and subtracted names and numbers to his company's name over the years.


They are usually made of stainless steel or some other hard metal that does not corrode or oxidize easily. An SKX caseback will have a rubber seal called a caseback gasket that helps with the water-resistance of a watch. Improper installation of the gasket can lead to water entering the watch - an expensive mistake to fix. That is why you have to make sure that you are prepared and know at least the basics before opening the caseback on your SKX007, SKX013, or SRP Turtle.


A watch caseback does not need to be a boring piece of metal. Here at namokiMODS, you can buy an SKX caseback with a sapphire display - allowing you to view the movement that powers your watch. Sapphire is quite a sturdy material that adds a touch of 'cool' to your watch without compromising its quality.


Another type of SKX caseback that we sell is a slim caseback. It may not be obvious to the casual watch wearer, but for daily wear watches, the OEM caseback on the SKX007 and SKX013 can run a little bulky. Certain types of straps can make this issue even more noticeable, making it look as if your watch is floating off your wrist. Most people don't really mind, but it may not be the most comfortable setup for everyone.

That is where a slim caseback will come in handy. By using a slim SKX caseback, you reduce the overall thickness of your watch and makes it sit more comfortably on the wrist. This does affect the water-resistance of a watch however, so they are great for field watch builds or desk divers, but not for watches that you plan to use on your next diving trip.

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September 03, 2021 — Jeremiah A