Holiday season is just around the corner and it's almost time to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. If you already have a list of items to buy, then that's one less thing for you to stress about! But if you're still undecided on what you want to gift to a male recipient, we put together a short but helpful list for you based on a couple of profiles.


Gifts for Music Lovers

If you're shopping for someone who likes listening to tunes, you're not going to have a hard time as there are a lot of gift options to choose from. You can skip looking at headphones altogether (he probably already has one) and still have a long list of gift ideas to be able to choose from.

Acrylic Music Plaque

Something trendy you can go for are acrylic music plaques. This is a small piece of acrylic glass customized with the recipient's favorite artist, song name, and a QR code that you can scan to go directly to the song through Spotify. Thoughtful, and not at all expensive!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

How about a bluetooth speaker that you can take to the shower? It's the best room for impromptu concerts and having some background music is a big plus! If he likes singing in the bath, waterproof bluetooth speakers are a good gift idea.

Music Online Course Subscription

If you're shopping for an aspiring musician, perhaps you can gift something that will help them with their journey. Online course platform Masterclass is offering a film scoring course taught by legendary composer Hans Zimmer himself - a surefire way to help them grow towards their dream.

Gifts for Artists

If you are gifting someone artsy, you might be worried about which gift you can give him that he will surely appreciate. Here are some of our recommendations!

Drawing Inspiration Journal

Artists need a lot of creativity in their work, and it is inevitable that they lose inspiration from time to time. How do you help him get through a creative block? A things to draw journal could be the perfect nudge to get them drawing or painting again.

Sketching Wallet

Here's something for the artist who needs to paint or draw as soon as they are hit with inspiration. A sketching wallet fits in a bag and is perfect for recreating the outdoors through art.

3D Printing Pen

3D printing is trending right now, and letting him join in on the fun would surely be an appreciated gift! With a 3D printing pen, he can bring his art to our 3D world and create cool mini-sculptures!

Gifts for Craftsmen

Guys have a natural tendency to fiddle and tinker with stuff. Even toys for young boys usually have a building component to it, and most guys don't shake out this 'must work on something with hands' mentality when they grow up. Here are some good gift ideas for crafters:


Watches are men's jewelry. They are also tools, which is another word for toys. They can be modified by upgrading the parts for better performance, or simply for aesthetic reasons and it may be the start of a fulfilling hobby (maybe even a profitable one?).

If they already own a Seiko watch, they can swap out some of the parts. The easiest ones to do are the crowns, bezels, bezel inserts, and the bracelets or straps. They will need some extra tools to change these but watch mod tools are easily available.

You can check out our shop for a wide selection of mod parts. We have everything that he may need to start with watch modding. We even sell cases so if he likes a good challenge, he can do a full build from scratch!

Gifts for Gamers

It's not too hard to pick a gift out for gamers because you have so many choices to choose from. However, like movie or music lovers, you have to know what games he likes to play in order to pick a gift that would be meaningful to him. But not to worry as these general recommendations will surely be appreciated whatever his preferences are:

Retro Controller

Some games are just better to play with a controller with a mouse and keyboard. A retro game controller has all the features of a modern one with a generous side of nostalgia, sure to bring him all the fun memories from his earlier gaming days.

Arcade Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is a fun little desk companion for gamers, as its small screen can display beautiful pixel art. Some simple games are installed here too, perfect for when he's bored between other games he's playing (yes, some people are hardcore like that).

Gifts for the Sporty Type

Are you looking for a gift for someone athletic? Wireless earbuds and stainless steel thermostats are common ideas but here are some other cool stuff that you can give to a guy with an active lifestyle:

Upper Body Workout Bar

With gyms closing up, it's time to take the workout home. This versatile upper body workout bar needs almost no setup and can be used to exercise multiple muscle groups in the upper body. Whether they use it for pull ups or push ups, it's sure to give him a great calorie burn.

Massage Gun

Muscles get sore after an intense exercise, and a massage gun is the perfect solution to this issue. These things are surprisingly affordable and easy to use, and is a great way to relax after cooling down from the long run or a session at the gym.

It's The Thought That Counts

While you may not be obligated to give gifts, it is a wonderful gesture that can make both the receiver and the giver happy. As long as you give a gift that fits their personality and lifestyle, we're sure it'll be something for them to remember.

And while these recommendations are "for him," they actually work as great gifts for her too.

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Good luck!

October 15, 2021 — Jeremiah A