In the ninth edition of our Why We Mod series, we talk to Shervin (@vin.horologist on Instagram) who is part of a growing Malaysian watch modding community. His distinct modding style is characterized by clean builds that gives emphasis on its comfortability.


Glen: Hi Shervin! For people who aren’t familiar with who you are -  please introduce yourself :)

Shervin: Hi! I’m Shervin, a Seiko enthusiast and a watch modder that does mod services and also full custom builds. I am based in Malaysia!


Glen: What’s on your wrist right now (like literally right now!)? Which of your watches gets the most daily wrist time?

Shervin: I am currently wearing my all time favourite. The Seiko SKX007!



Glen: How did you get into watch modding, and what do you love or enjoy most about the hobby?

Shervin: I started off looking at Seiko watches with three of my other friends and we discovered the watch modding community. It caught my eye and I was very interested in getting my own watch modded as well.

I ran into the Namoki IG page and realised that I can actually buy my own parts and mod my own watch. So that is where it all started. The gist of why I enjoy this hobby is that I can explore my ideas and creativity beyond boundaries.


 "My personal mod that started it all." 


Editor's Note: Seiko Modding truly is a fulfilling creative outlet. It is not too different from other 'building hobbies' like building Gaming PCs or modifying cars, but watch modding is definitely a lot more affordable for most people! 


Glen: What’s the watch modding scene in Malaysia like? Is there a local community, or is the watch modding community largely an “online” community for you?

Shervin: The modding scene here is doing well at the moment as there are a few skilled modders in Malaysia. However, it’s still an “online” community because the audience here is still rather niche. I hope I can contribute more to the watch modding scene with my work as much as I can. 


Glen: I’m sure you’ve lost count of how many watches you’ve built, but if you had to pick out a favorite build (for yourself, or as a commissioned build), what would it be and why?

Shervin: Yes, I do have a lot of favourites but if I had to choose, it would be this 62MAS x SKX mod. This build had a sentimental value to it. On top of that, the steel insert and the top hat crystal paired with everything else makes it look distinctive and notable. 



Glen: On your IG page - you brand yourself as an independent watchmaker. Could you share a little more about this?

Shervin: Independent watchmaking means that I do not belong to larger groups and I am rather a one-man show working independently and developing my own ideas with the client.


Glen: What kind of aesthetic/style do you try to go for when designing a watch for yourself? Does your own style influence the way you modify a watch for clients, or do you just execute on whatever design they want?

Shervin: My main style when designing for myself is wearability. I’ll make sure to design the watch that can be worn on any occasion. Some designs I own do influence the client to get one as well but at the end of the day, the designs they want are the main priority.


"(Above) My main aesthetic and design style. "


Editor's Note: One look at his Instagram and you know how disciplined he is with his mods. Even with different parts and color palettes, there is a certain consistency in his work. A man with clear standards and the talent and dedication to meet them every time.


Glen: Have you ever had to step in to advise on the client’s design? Are they usually receptive to it?

Shervin: Some client’s do ask for opinion on the designs and I would advise them on what would look good and what wouldn’t. We usually will come into an agreement and will then assemble the watch. 


"This is one of the examples that both my client and I designed."


Glen: Besides watch modding/building, do you have any other hobbies that are hands on/involve tinkering?

Shervin: My first hobby was actually modding cars as that was one of my biggest hobbies in my life but it started to grow dim once I entered the watch modding scene. Not kidding. Another hobby of mine is leather work. I designed and hand-stitched my own leather watch roll. 



Glen: What’s your favorite product that we sell on our website? Why?

Shervin: I love the steel and glass inserts that you guys have to offer because it has very good looking designs. Not forgetting the variety of cases that you guys have is top notch. It’s satisfying to get cases with different designs for different taste and wrist size. You guys have also brought in the black kanji calendar movement that brings in the convenience of getting one from your store. 



Glen: Do you have a "grail watch" - and if you do, what is it?

Shervin: Yes I do and that would be The Panerai Luminor Marina 42mm (Ref: PAM01393). The dial with blue Satiné Soleil decoration and white numbers just makes it look so sleek and classy.



Editor's Note: Excellent choice! A dressed tool watch with an unmistakable design is easily worthy of being a grail watch.


Glen: If you had to answer the question “Why do you mod”, what would your answer be?

Shervin: I mod because it gives me satisfaction knowing that I can build watches based on my own personal taste.


Glen: Finally - Plug yourself! Facebook links, email address etc, any call to action you want to include.

Shervin:You can look through my designs on IG or FB at /

Whatsapp: +6 012 253 7378 (For more info)


Thank you Shervin for sharing all this with us! 

If you'd like to be featured in this series, just drop us an email at to indicate your interest.

Happy modding, modfam!

August 02, 2021 — Jeremiah A


Amitava Kumar Dutta said:

Beautiful Seiko watches

Uniswan said:

Luminor Marina panerai is the best

mohammed ali said:

can you put together the

62MAS x SKX mod for me? if yes then how do we proceed?



Details of the watch

Ross said:

Love this watch. What is the cost.


How much how much

Jeremiah - namokiMODS said:

Hi Sergio, we recommend going to the original modder of the watch. You can find the links to his Instagram at the beginning and end of the article.

Sergio said:

I would like a watch like this one. Do you sell it completely assembled?

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