In our sixth edition of Why We Mod, we chatted with Faz to find out more about his modding journey, the influence behind his builds as well as some useful tips for beginners.

Glen: What was the very first watch that got you into watches as a hobby (And what was so memorable/special about it)?


yellow build
Above: Yellow is beautifully incorporated. Also reminds me of a minion. (Source: Faz aka @smodder_sg)


Faz: It was the Seiko SKX007 that I did in two-toned. It was the possibility to own watches that was unique to me and others (that was special to me).


Glen: Is there a story behind why you decided to choose the Seiko SKX007?

Faz: I had a few Seikos back then, but the SKX fits me well. I really love the design and it has a screw-down crown which feels luxurious. Also, there are more parts to the SKX than other models.


Glen: What’s the inspiration behind your two-toned SKX?


blue two toned build
Above: A watch build allows you to customize based on your preference to ensure that the final result is unique and perfect for you. (Source: Faz aka @smodder_sg)

Find similar blue bezel here.


Faz: Back then, people do not create many two-toned SKX builds. Even if they did, most of them are black. With my love for blue dials, I came up with an idea to make a two-toned build and it turned out really well.


Glen: Can you remember what first got you interested in modding watches?

I just love the thought of owning something unique and different.


outfit with a green build
Above: Ability to customize based on your outfit choices? Love it. (Source: Faz aka @smodder_sg)


Faz: I've been into custom items shoes and bags. I just love the thought of owning something unique and different.


Glen: What are your favourite unique/custom items you own?

Faz: Personally, out of the things I own right now, my watches stand out the most. Due to the design, colour and rarity of the parts I own.


Glen: What kind of custom shoes/bags are you into? Could you share some examples?

Faz: Basically just those with paintings (using angelus paint) or stitchings on them. They are therapeutic and fun.


shoes with orange build
customised shoes
Above: Stand out from the crowd with something different. (Source: @smodder_sg, @sfreshcustom)


Glen: What are your hobbies beside watch modding?) (Have your hobbies influenced your builds?

Faz: At the moment there is nothing else other than modding. I hoping I can pick up watch engraving sometime soon.


Glen: You have some really creative, eye-catching builds. Where do you get inspiration from?

Faz: Thank you. Just mixing and matching I guess. Sometimes I would look up on social media for inspiration or ideas as well. They give me inspiration on what could be improved and how I can replicate it.


Glen: Where do you browse through for inspiration?

Most of the time it is just about feeling right about the build. If it is going to look awesome in my mind, I'll build it.

Faz: Usually, I'll just hop onto Instagram and search for the hashtag: #SKX. Alternatively, I will look at Namokimods, Dlwwatches, and watches. The list is countless. Most of the time it is just about feeling right about the build. If it is going to look awesome in my mind, I'll build it.


Glen: What's the hardest part about modding a watch? Could be technical/installation related, or design-related, or anything else.

Faz: The hardest part about modding a watch for me is the installation of the crystal... Once you set it wrong It'll be slanted all the way. Also, it is difficult to find the perfect match for things, such as dial and hands lume of the same colour.


Glen: With your experience in watch modding, do you have any tips/tricks on installing a crystal for our readers?

Faz: Yes, I do. You could get a turn down crystal press like this:



Above: Time to get a turn down crystal press if you are struggling with crystal installation (Source: watch-mall)


Faz: It makes things easier but still could get it wrong. The placement of the crystal on the gasket before pressure always have to be on point. For those using other kinds of crystal press like the ones we regularly see like this:



Above: A normal crystal press works well too! (Source: Fwea mall)


Faz: You can press the crystal gently on each side until it goes in straight and does the final press. Not to forget – Practice makes perfect.


Glen: That’s an interesting build! What's the inspiration behind this build?

Finding the right parts to make a perfect fit was not easy, lots of trial and error but it's worth it.

 Faz: I love the case design, structure and integrated bracelet. I believe most feel the same, hence I decided to build one. However, finding the right parts to make a perfect fit was not easy, lots of trial and error but it's worth it.


Glen: With so many cool builds, which one is your favourite and what is the story behind the build?

Faz: These are my favourites.


military inspired mod
Above: Military inspired. We love it too! 
(Source: Faz aka @smodder_sg)


Faz: I'm an outdoorsy person and I wanted to create a watch that I could bring around for hiking, kayaking, and climbing. I love the Seiko Baby Tuna but the mods for them are too boring. Hence, I decided to send them in for Cerakote with Chroma Forge to build these military-style builds for my escapades.


Glen: Imagine you could design your dream watch build – walk us through what that would look and feel like.

Faz: It would either be a GMT or a chronograph automatic. It is difficult to get hold of a Seiko automatic chronograph or GMT without losing an arm or a leg nowadays.


Above: Seiko's GMT Automatic. 
(Source: Faz aka @smodder_sg)


Faz: A 43 mm case with GMT or chronograph function with a high polished case with unique dial layout, paired with my brand or logo on it. It will be nice to have sharp angular edges and a thin profile like the older generations of sea dwellers. It will feel big yet light and classy with the polished finish.


Glen: What’s your favourite item from our website that you would recommend?

Faz: The casesdials and hands!

The cases are well-built – nothing much to say.

The dials! Amazing, and the variety is crazy. The lume on the hands of Namoki matches most of the OEM Seiko dials! Easy to find and the lume is amazing!


Glen: What's your grail watch?


vacherin constantin overseas blue
Above: The Vacheron Constantin Overseas is a beautiful, understated watch


Faz: My grail watch, for now, is the Vacheron Constantin Overseas in blue. It's just so mesmerizing, with all the history behind the brand.


Glen: Finally… Why do you mod? In other words, what do you think drives this desire to modify/build your unique watch?

Faz: What drives me are the new dials that are available as well as the dials I have yet to obtain (such as those limited rare dials from Seiko). I am also driven by the creation of never-seen-before mods.





Thank you Faz for the thoughtful responses! If you'd like to commission a watch build from Faz, email him at Also, do drop by his Instagram if you're looking for inspirations for your future projects!

If you'd like to be featured in this series, just drop us an email at to indicate your interest.

Happy modding, modfam!

March 10, 2021 — Glen H

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