Since its founding in 1881, Seiko has become a force in the world of watchmaking. It's easy to see that the company is one of the best brands for affordable timepieces, and has created industry-revolutionizing technology, like the quartz watch. 

Today, the Seiko catalog is massive and diverse. Seiko watches come in at many price points, from budget-minded sports watches to the top-tier Grand Seiko line.


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The brand is famous for its variety and technology with movements ranging from old-school mechanical calibers to GPS-enabled solar-powered quartz units that set themselves automatically when crossing time zones.

With its long history, Seiko created numerous collections over the years. Let’s take a list of the collections, and some models that are widely appreciated by collectors.


Prospex – SRPC91K1

The Prospex line is all about professional performance. Most people who love Seiko know that its dive watches are a part of the Prospex line, but there are other watch types that are a part of the line too. 

The Alpinist is a modern classic in the line, and there are also chronographs that carry the Prospex designation.  


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Seiko dive watches are probably the most popular in the Prospex line. They have a sporty look, and also incredible performance to back up their reputation. 

Many Seiko dive watches have vintage design features matched with modern technology. The SRPC91K1 features the unique ”Turtle” case design and is a part of the ”Save the Ocean” series of special editions. 


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Seiko and Fabien Costeau create this series of watches, and a part of the proceeds goes to the Ocean Learning Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine conservation and education.

Over the years, Seiko has made a number of different Save the Ocean editions and they share one key feature, which is that they all are blue like the ocean.

The watch uses the in-house Seiko caliber 4R36 movement, a cushion-shaped stainless steel case and has an ISO certified water resistance of 200m.

It is a perfect example of why people love Prospex, and watches that exceed expectations. 


Presage - SARW047

First launched in 2016, the Seiko Presage range is an all-mechanical series showcasing the elegant side of Seiko watchmaking. If Prospex watches are made to be tough, the Presage is all about affordable luxury. 



The SARW047 is a great example of Presage at its finest. The model has extended Seiko’s lineup of enamel dial watches that feature high-end complications and top-tier finishing. 

The brand’s enamel dials are handmade by a team of artisans supervised by Mitsuru Yokosawa, an expert craftsman of all things Seiko and enamel. 


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Yokosawa-san said that the enamel glazing process demands harmony between the brain, eyes, and hands to adapt each design into a quality product. 

The midnight blue color dial of SARW047 has a unique beauty which will not fade over the decades. It also has a power reserve indicator, and a date dial at the 6 o’ clock position. 

One of the best parts about Presage is the price. All Presage watches use in-house movements, and like the SARW047, feature complications and materials that would cost huge amounts of money from a Swiss watchmaker. 


Astron - 8X GPS Solar Chronograph

Most people know what a quartz watch is, but few could tell you that the first quartz watch was a Seiko Astron. Today smartwatches are all the rage, but Seiko is still bringing major innovation to the watch world with its Astron line. 



The Seiko Astron GPS Solaris is the world’s first GPS Solar watch that constantly updates the time based on the global GPS network.

As Seiko’s founder, Kintaro Hattori, said, “Always one step ahead of the rest.” 


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The Astron 8X GPS Solar Chronograph sets a new standard of super-high-precision innovation that brings technology that existed in other forms to the wrist in a watch that is lighter, thinner and smaller than anything else on the market. 

With a clean, clear, and very attractive design, the Seiko Astron 8X GPS Solar Chronograph is a technological marvel, although it isn’t likely to upend the watch market, like the original quartz Astron. 


King Seiko - SPB281

The King Seiko brand evolved at the same time Grand Seiko was born. The two brands were created to compete, and create the finest mechanical watch in the world.



In the end, Grand Seiko became the company’s flagship, while King Seiko watches became a collector's item. Today, the King Seiko brand is back, and it is loyal to the original.   

The new King Seiko SJE083 Limited Edition features a silverish light-gray dial with straight brushing along with the in-house calibre 6R31 movement. Its size is classic, at 37mm. 


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With the success of the SJE083, the SBP281, and four other references from the series were given the green light. Each one has a distinct dial, and is otherwise the same. They all retain the 37mm case design, and classic seven-link bracelet. 

While King Seiko is no longer a direct competitor with Grand Seiko, it represents an incredible value, and also an opportunity to own a thoroughly vintage design with modern technology. 


5 Sports - SNKL45

The Seiko 5 line is all about value. It is amazing that a watch with an in-house movement sporting a day/date complication can be had for around $100, but that is what the SNKL45 delivers. 



Clearly you can’t expect Grand Seiko quality at this price point, and the 7S series movement the SNKL45 uses doesn't hack or handwind. On the plus side, the SNKL45 looks great, and can be a one-watch collection. 

In addition, all the parts are compatible with the 4R series movement, so you can easily use watch mod parts to upgrade the SNKL45 as you like.  The SNKL45 is a perfect example of what makes Seiko a great brand, and why Seiko Mod Watches are so popular. 


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A $100 watch as a base for modding is an absolute steal, and there are loads of both OEM Seiko spare parts and watch mod parts for this kind of watch. 


Seiko: The Coolest Mod Watches

Seiko is not only an amazing watchmaker in its own right, it is also the top brand for modded watches. At namokiMODS, we craft some of the best Seiko mod parts in the world, including an extensive line of SKX007 Parts.

Many have bemoaned the loss of the SKX007 series, but we think the 5KX represents an incredible opportunity for Seiko mods. Check out our catalog for more Seiko 5 compatible parts - and happy modding! 

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