Update 2022: We have just released new Titanium cases that are made of a different grade of Titanium! Check the comparison between our old Titanium grade 2 case and our Titanium grade 5 cases in this article.

Titanium watches are all the rage now. With mainstream brands like Apple hopping on board the titanium bandwagon, it's no wonder that more and more people are taking an interest in all things titanium. Not one to be outdone, we've just launched our Titanium SKX case as well!

Titanium Apple Watch

Above: Apple Watch Series 5 in Titanium (Credit: Executive Traveller)


But before we get into watches, let's examine some of the other categories where titanium is all the rage.



Titanium Ring

Above: A beautifully anodized titanium ring (Credit: Ring Jewellery)


Titanium has become an increasingly sought-after choice of material when it comes to jewelry, for a multitude of reasons. One of the main selling points of titanium accessories would be the fact that it's hypoallergenic. 

What that means in layman's terms - it'll work with all types of human skins, no matter how sensitive your skin is. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 10-20% of the US population is allergic to nickel. That's a lot of people! The last thing you'd want is to develop blisters and rashes from your wedding ring, which is what makes titanium such an appealing option.

Another reason for titanium's popularity in the jewelry category is how durable and versatile it is. It's 3 times stronger than steel, with impressive anti-corrosive qualities. Titanium also has the unique ability to be anodized (a process where a metal is coated in a layer of oxide) in a rainbow assortment of colours, which encourages creativity and innovation when it comes to designs. Sturdy AND expressive - what's not to love?



titanium exhaust on a car

Above: A titanium exhaust system that costs as much as some cars.


 In an industry where weight reduction is everything, materials like carbon fiber and titanium are prized for their extreme lightness and strength.

As titanium is stronger and more rigid than other commonly used materials like stainless steel and mild steel, automotive manufacturers are able to use less material to achieve the same result. What that means is that you'll typically end up with weight savings of up to 40%, which COULD be important if you're trying to eke out that extra bit of performance from your car. And to people who are spending upwards of USD5000 on an exhaust system alone, these differences obviously matter.

Added benefit - It also looks really bad-ass. Check out those heat-blued tips! That being said, at such exorbitant price points, titanium exhaust systems are usually reserved for the most exotic of supercars, and also Honda Civic Type-Rs 😉



Let's circle back to the topic of watches.

Apple, a company renowned for their meticulous attention to material selection, design, and detail, chose titanium for their Apple Watch because it's "one of the most sought-after materials in the watch world. It's lighter than stainless steel, yet has twice the strength-to-weight ratio."


apple watch series 5 in titanium

Above: Love it or hate it, you can't deny that the Apple Watch makes a bold statement (Credit: Apple Newsroom)


Apple is far from being the only titanium fanboy in the watch world. Tudor is a brand known for being a little bit more adventurous and forward-thinking than their more traditional big brother, Rolex. In 2012, Tudor announced the Pelagos.


Tudor Pelagos Titanium

Above: The Tudor Pelagos: The perfect balance of utility and elegance (Credit: Hodinkee)


This beautiful 42mm dive watch was the first titanium watch to emerge from the Rolex family, and what a statement it made. The decision to build it out of titanium was spot-on: It doesn't feel like a hefty watch despite its size, because of titanium's lightweight properties. It has a beautifully warm, satin finish that only a titanium watch can provide.

The Tudor Pelagos, in many ways, was our inspiration for creating our Titanium SKX007 case. It inspired us to provide the modding community with a canvas to build their very own everyday titanium tool watch. Utilizing the exact same aerospace grade titanium found in the Pelagos, in the SKX form factor that many of us know and love. We hope that this watch case will be the launchpad for many exciting builds.


namoki Titanium SKX007 Case NMK910

Above: The very first Titanium SKX007 Case - the NMK910


In summary, as you can probably tell, yes, we do believe that titanium is worth the hype. It's strong, light, easy on your skin, and just an all-round beautiful material to work with. If you enjoy the idea of owning something that's a little different from all the other stainless steel watches out there, a titanium watch might be the right choice for you.

September 10, 2020 — Glen H


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A titanium bracelet to match would be amazing!

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Would you guys consider making a titanium bracelet for the SKX007? That’d be great considering they’re nowhere else!

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Will you guys be doing a 62mas body in Titanium>?

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