Contrary to what some may believe, Pepsi actually did not collaborate with any watch brands to create what’s now known as a “Pepsi Watch.”

The history of the soda-based nickname starts with the birth of the Pepsi bezel in the 1950s, when Rolex launched the groundbreaking GMT-Master watch with a bi-colored bezel that alternated between blue  and red during the day and vice versa at night. For pilots, this smart design was a game-changer because it made it simple for them to keep track of two separate time zones.


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Other watch companies adopted this well-known color scheme over time and added their own distinctive accents to produce aesthetically striking watches. The colors red and blue have come to represent exploration, accuracy, and dependability, making Pepsi watches instantly recognizable on the wrists of explorers, travelers, and watch aficionados around the world.

In this article, we'll show you the top five Pepsi watches that can make your watch collection even better. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, these watches are sure to impress you with their style. So, get ready to explore the world of Pepsi watches and find your perfect match!


1. Orient Kamasu ($200 - $300)

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A superb diver's watch that won't break the bank is the Orient Kamasu Pepsi, rivaling even Seiko in terms of value for money. It features a well-proportioned 41.5mm stainless steel case rated to 200m of depth so you don’t have to take it off when going for a casual swim, much less worry about wearing it during rainy days. The smooth 120-click bezel feels nice when using the timer insert, which by the way sports red for the first 15 minutes and blue for the rest. What’s more, Orient manages to cram a sapphire crystal into this entry-level watch despite the low price. It is an excellent starter choice for individuals wanting to explore the world of Pepsi watches because it is reasonably priced.


2. SKX009 ($500 - $600)

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We’re a bit hesitant to include the SKX009 in this list because it’s already been discontinued yet still sought-after, inflating the 2nd hand price to around $500 - $600, more than double or triple the launch price. Still, we think it deserves a spot as it truly is a great addition to any watch collection if you can somehow find it in great condition at a reasonable price. You can now take it as a historical icon in the world of watches, with a sleek case, an extremely reliable movement, and a clean, legible dial. Minute 0 – 20 on the insert is red, while 21 – 59 is in blue, creating the Pepsi color combo. And if you’re into Seiko mods, you’ll find that this unit is a legend in the watch world.


3. Citizen Promaster Marine (Around $250)

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We didn’t intend to include 3 Japanese watches in a row, but if you’re looking for a good value Pepsi watch at the lower price brackets, it seems these really are the best choices. Presenting the Citizen Promaster Marine, a remarkable watch that offers Japanese reliability and precision. The build quality of its 42mm case definitely punches above its weight, sitting comfortable on many wrists. The crown at 8 o’clock also makes for a unique aesthetic touch, making it a good choice for left-handed watch aficionados. The insert features a royal red and deep blue color combo, installed on an industrial-looking bezel. It can be a head-turner despite the modest price, and is an affordable entry to any watch collection.


4. Tudor Black Bay GMT (Around $4000)

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The Tudor Black Bay is arguably better looking in its black and gold variety, but its blue and red versions are nothing to scoff at either. If you’re looking for a higher end Pepsi watch, this one radiates elegance and expert craftsmanship while also featuring an in-house GMT movement that provides dual-time capabilities for frequent flyers. The 41mm case is right around the sweet spot of many, making it comfortable to wear, though its weight can be noticeable especially when worn in long periods. Its bi-directional bezel hosts a matte Pepsi insert that may look black and red in low lighting conditions. The watch is a solid investment, offering durability and timeless appeal.


5. Rolex Pepsi GMT

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Look at the renowned Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi, the pinnacle of elegance, distinction, and watchmaking skill. There is no need to introduce this renowned timepiece, which stands for the best Pepsi watches, with a look that many aspire to homage. With the help of the GMT-Master II's acclaimed GMT movement from Rolex, users may precisely track two time zones at once. The iconic red and blue Pepsi bezel, which is instantly identifiable in the world of high-end timepieces, is a monument to its ageless design. This watch is both dependable and gorgeous because it was made with high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. A real masterpiece that attracts admiration wherever it goes, the Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi is the ideal complement to any watch collector's showcase.


Building Your Own Pepsi Watch

None of these 5 watches quite suit your tastes? You can always build one yourself. To start with your build brainstorming, you can check out our available Pepsi inserts; we have dual time and GMT marker versions which are perfect if you want to homage the Tudor Black Bay GMT or the Rolex GMT-Master II.



Once you've decided on the insert, it's really only a matter of choosing which dial would go along with it. Usually, watch modders would choose a dial that matches the blue side of the insert (as a red dial may look too 'loud') for a cohesive look - either a dial that is also blue, or a neutral black dial. After that, you could pretty much go wild with the choices for the other parts.


Wrap Up

Pepsi watches have a rich history and symbolism that appeal to watch aficionados, thus their appeal goes beyond simple looks. Adding a Pepsi watch to your collection is a fantastic decision, injecting your wrist with a splash of adventure and refinement whether you're seeking for a cost-effective solution or a lavish investment.

We hope this article got you to think about adding a new watch to your collection, that is, if you don't already have one. If you do, share which Pepsi watch you have in the comments below.

As always, happy modding!

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