A watch dial is one of the most important features of the watch, and the dial is surely the part of the watch that people notice first. The dial is right there in front, so it's impossible to miss. Because it is the part of the watch that gathers the most attention, many watch lovers select a watch because of its dial’s aesthetic. 

Over the decades, watchmakers have used a near-countless number of dial types and materials and design techniques, and there are some great options out there today. If you are looking for a perfect dial for your next Seiko mod, let's take a look at some different designs you can use to make any kind of watch you want! 


Common in Luxury Models


Source: Chrono24


The crosshair style watch dial was first popular in the mid-20th century for dress watches. The classic Omega Seamaster DeVille and Breitling Transocean used the crosshair dial, and it looks great. 

If you are looking for a luxury watch dial with a classic style, crosshair dials are an amazing choice. While the dial is vintage, it can look very modern, just like on today’s Breitling Transocean! 



Source: Professional Watches


The gilt dial is a classic that is making a big comeback. The gilt technique prints all the dial features in gold paint, which is a stunning look. Many early diver watches used this kind of dial, including some Rolex Submariners. Some modern diver watches that use a gilt dial also match the dial with a gilt bezel insert, which is a wonderful combination. 



Piaget Antiplano. Source: A Blog to Watch


A marquetry uses unique materials to create art. The materials could be mother of pearl, precious stones or even exotic wood. After cutting each of these elements in the correct form, the artist will create a design that will be the dial. Some marquetry dials are simple forms, like an animal, and others are abstract forms that take a huge effort to create. 



Source: Monochrome Watches


A tapisserie dial consists of many small squares on the surface of the dial, separated by thin channels. 

To create such a pattern, a pantograph is used. In general, it takes the machine less than an hour to trace the pattern from a larger design and then engrave it on the watch dial. 

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is the most iconic timepiece with a tapisserie dial of all time, and it looks great on the wrist. 


Available in Modding Dials

In addition to some common dials on luxury watches mentioned, it’s not hard to find other types of dials that are affordable for modding. Keep reading!



Enamel was one of the most commonly used materials for watch dials in the era of pocket watches, and today you can find some great examples of this watch dial material. 

Different materials can be combined to change the colors of watch dials, and create colors like  gray, green, and red, depending on the metal that the enamel has been mixed with.

Enamel tends to last a long time, so when you find one you like, it will probably last you a lifetime!  

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The meteorite dial is one of the rarest dials out there, and no two are the same. These dials use thin slices of actual meteorite to incredible effect. Desired for their incredible array of hues, textures, and patterns, meteorite dials are stunning. While high end brands like Rolex use this material, there are also affordable meteorite dials for your next Seiko mod. 



The skeleton dial looks complex and reveals the watch’s intricate movement. They can be created from transparent materials like sapphire crystal which has an anti-reflective coating, or cut away from a regular metal dial. 

Make sure to match a skeleton dial with a great looking movement for maximum effect. We offer some great Seiko dial options for a SKX007 mod, and you can make a Seiko diver with a ‘deep dial’ for deep dives. 


Get the Right Watch Dial for Your Next Mod! 

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Happy modding!

December 24, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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