Seiko has truly blessed the modding community when it released the SSK line and the NH34 movement not too long ago. Before these, watch mods have been tricked out with GMT-inserts on a non-GMT calibre, which understandably left some people scratching their heads. Those days are over because now, if you want a modded watch that can track multiple time zones, you can definitely build it. 

It’s another answered prayer that the SSK takes after the great SKX007, which means there are parts that are instantly cross-compatible and some that become cross-compatible with just a few tweaks. Almost instantly, modders and suppliers are figuring out how to modify the newly released budget GMT watches, and today we’ve seen enough to put together a short list of the best looking ones so far.

Let’s see those mods!

The GMT Builds


@bbmod_france’s own iteration of a Seiko GMT mod is a darker version of the SSK003. The original features a deep blue dial that matches that lower part of the black/blue bezel while also sporting a red arrow GMT hand. It’s a nice look to be sure, but some people just love their “Dark Knight” watch on the darker side.

In comes the homage build from @bbmod_france, transplanting the NH34 onto a Submariner-style case and featuring a matte black Seiko Prospex dial taken from the SPB185. With this change in background, he is able to use a perfectly legible blue GMT hand - a welcome change if you think the red hand of the original sticks out too much. The insert features larger text, like the one seen on the Rolex GMT-Master II.

A flawless homage indeed without losing its Seiko identity!


@jack_hypoxia builds upon the SSK001 - the closest looking watch to the SKX007, and transforms it into something reminiscent of the original Rolex GMT-Master with four key part changes.

Before diving into the build - you must think that Rolex gives a lot of inspiration to Seiko modders, and it is no surprise as they practically invented GMT watches in the 1950’s for the use of pilots who fly internationally on the daily. Know more about it here.

Going back to @jack_hypoxia’s build, the base for the mod is again a polished Submariner-style case with a matching bezel. The insert is a 24hr blue/red glossy ceramic while the handset is a Mercedes Style that is a must with Sub homages. The original SSK001 dial is retained, the black non-reflective finish completing the look. He opts to leave out the cyclops on the crystal, which risks making the mod look like a copy instead of a homage - a tiny but thoughtful move.


What @_luxurious_ae decides to do is to rebuild the SSK into a regal new colorway that Seiko should really be looking into incorporating in more of their releases. This is a color that the Japanese watch brand rarely uses, which is a shame because it just works.

@_luxurious_ae keeps on most of the original parts of the SSK001, while the parts swapped out are the handsets and the insert. The insert is a black and purple combination, which is accentuated by the all purple GMT arrow hand. The rest of the hands are a combination of Mercedes for the hour and minutes and Milgauss for the seconds. 

It’s the missing piece in the SSK release!


Speaking of new colorways, @modfather_watches had a rather bright idea for modding the SSK003. The orange Seiko GMT already looks like a fun and casual watch as it is, but adding a Tiffany blue color accent gives it the familiar Gulf livery that just looks much livelier.

@modfather_watches swapped out the original black and orange insert for a Tiffany blue one with Rolex style markers, and to match this are custom painted sword-style hands, popping out of that orange background.

Should Seiko do an official collaboration already?


For the longest time, modders have been putting GMT inserts on non-GMT modded watches. @self_winder flips this idea around by putting a Seiko style insert on the SSK003, and it is looking sharp!

@self_winder says that the build is ideal if you don’t plan on tracking 3 time zones but want a GMT build anyway, and with that stainless steel insert looking right at home, you probably wouldn’t mind having non-GMT markers. The crystal is also exchanged for a flat sapphire, foregoing the cyclops for a much neater overall look.


@modderire’s take on the Seiko GMT mod  must be the one that diverges away the most from the SSK pieces in terms of design. It is a ground up build with a very unique look that was an instant hit with us and thousands of other modding enthusiasts. He calls it the “Red Sea GMT.”

Where to even begin? @modderire uses a 62MAS-style case as the base for the build, which is a nice choice that complements the colors used throughout the watch. The silvery white dial is the perfect background for the black hour, minute, and second hands which match the 24hr chapter ring. The GMT hand is a red arrow which then complements the red glass bezel insert. The crown also sports a red S to go with the theme.

That’s not all! Flip the watch over and you see a display caseback, and inside is a smooth red rotor adorning the NH34. A white rubber strap ties up the look beautifully.

We Want More

It hasn’t even been a quarter-year ago when the SSK triplets were released and our feeds are already getting blessed with builds such as these, what more when support for GMT parts swing into full gear? Whether it’s a simple change on a few parts or a full GMT watch built from scratch, we will be watching the space with great interest.

We hope you’d keep an eye out for us too, because we have GMT-compatible parts in the works so you guys can take these mods further! And if you’re looking for good ol’ parts NH35/36 compatible parts, check out our huge catalog for hundreds of high-quality modding goods.

Happy modding!

October 11, 2022 — Jeremiah A


Thomas said:

Please send me a pricelist thank you

Mr Wolf said:

Check out @w0lfn0ir on ig. Been building a buncha these for fun (none for sale, personal collection).

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