When shopping watches, we all want something that looks great, but there are practical considerations when choosing a watch too, especially if you plan on using it as a daily beater.

Watches not only add style and attitude to your outfit, but they also represent professionalism. If worn well, a watch can be one of the most versatile and rewarding accessories a person owns. 

While big watches were popular in the last decade, a new wave of smaller watches is hitting the market. The right design is a matter of choice, but today, watch lovers have many options. 


Thick vs Thin Watches

Watch sizes are measured by the case diameter, but the height of the watch is also a consideration. The element that impacts case height the most is the movement. 


Source: WatchUSeek


As you know, the movement powers the watch. 

The more complicated a movement is, the more likely it is to be thick. Also, mechanical movements are generally thicker than quartz, which requires a taller case to accommodate the movement. 

Depending on the size of your wrist and arm, people with a slim build could find thinner watches more comfortable. In addition, there are advanced materials that make thin watches extremely light on the wrist. 

A thin watch may appear more natural on some body types, and lighter watches could be better for longer-term wear - think about doing a 12 hour day with a 200g watch on your wrist! 


Source: SJX Watches


Many thin watches remove complications and return to the roots of timepiece design. Also, many thin watches use quartz movements, which are perfect for daily wear, and more accurate than mechanical timepieces. That said, you can still find a mechanical watch that is both slim and thin-profiled.

If you are looking for a simple watch for daily wear, thin watches could be the perfect choice. Not only are they elegant, light, and classy, but thin watches also represent luxury and modern design. 

In addition, thin watches tend to be cheaper than their larger, mechanical counterparts. Even in situations where durability and water resistance matter, there are thin watches that deliver great performance. 

Here we have a short list of awesome thin watches that could make a great addition to your collection, and are perfect for daily wear.  


Benefits of Slimmer and Lighter Watches

Wearing a slim and lightweight watch has several benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Comfort: Slimmer and lighter watches are more comfortable to wear, as they put less strain on the wrist and don't weigh the arm down.

  2. Versatility: Because they are less bulky, slimmer and lighter watches can be worn with a wider range of clothing styles, making them more versatile.

  3. Style: A slim and lightweight watch can be a stylish accessory that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to an outfit.

  4. Convenience: Lightweight watches are easy to carry, which makes it more convenient for people who are often on the go.

  5. Easier to wear for long periods: Especially those who have to wear watches for a long time such as nurses and doctors, people that have a manual labor jobs, or people with sensitive skin will benefit from a lighter watch as it will make wearing the watch for a long time more comfortable.

  6. Durability: Because they are not as heavy, slimmer and lighter watches may experience less wear and tear over time.


Awesome Thin Watches

Fossil Minimalist

If you are looking for something elegant but simple, you might want to check out a Fossil Minimalist. In terms of height, the Minimalist comes in at an ultra-trim 7mm, and it is also light on the supplied leather strap.


Source: Watch Review Blog


These watches are slick and easy-to-read, and if you like variety, there are lots of different colorways to choose from, as well as a mix of metal finishes. In addition, there are models with metal bracelets, which give the watch a totally different look. 

A Fossil Minimalist combines simplicity with tradition, and features vintage syringe hands, and a dial that is both clean, and well sized. While it is thin, the Minimalist measures 44mm across. So it wears well, and is also highly functional. 


Source: Fossil


The Minimalist also has a 22mm lug width, so it takes a variety of straps. While Fossil is looked down on by some watch snobs, at less than $100 USD, the Minimalist delivers an amazing value, and a great OEM leather strap. 

Like anything in life, the Minimalist isn’t perfect. It is rated at 50m of water resistance, which makes it an office watch.

Overall, the Fossil Minimalist is an outstanding thin watch, and a value piece that could be a perfect daily wear. It is accurate, stylish, and unless you are a professional diver, a perfect fit for an urban lifestyle. 

Seiko SWR049

Legendary Japanese watchmaker Seiko delivers classic designs with the Essentials Collection. As a part of the collection, the Seiko SWR049 is an ideal watch for anyone that wants a thin tank design that keeps great time. 


Source: R.A. Ghosh on YT


Crafted from stainless steel, this elegant watch comes with a traditional white dial, black hands and Roman numeral hour markers. Its sophisticated rectangular case is 28mm wide and just 6mm thin, making it a perfect slim watch. 

Not only that, but the watch also features a black cabochon crown and a black alligator-grain leather strap with a stainless steel buckle for a perfect go-anywhere style (except in the water).

You may be picking up on the classic Cartier design that the SWR049 draws on, and unlike a Cartier Tank, this watch from Seiko is priced for almost anyone to afford. 


Source: Phong Watch


The Cartier Tank has a heritage that includes people like Princess Diana, and Jacqueline Kennedy, as well as Michelle Obama, all of whom wore the Cartier Tank.

The SWR049 delivers a great wearing experience, and also classic style. Best of all, it is affordable, and extremely accurate due to its 4N30 quartz movement. 


Make Your Own Slim and Light Watch

Of course, the watches we listed above aren’t going to be a perfect fit for everyone. Some people want to have something unique, or need a more durable case. 

Here at namokiMODS, we offer a range of Seiko mod parts, as well as OEM Seiko spare parts, so you can make just about anything you want. 

Everyone knows the venerable SKX007 design, but we can help you create a mod that uses a top-tier titanium case. 



Our SKX007 Titanium cases are made of Grade 5 Titanium which not only has much higher strength but also is the more comfortable and wearable choice. Being more durable than Stainless Steel at almost half the weight, this is something you should definitely consider for a build.



And if thickness is more important to you than weight, you can go ahead and build an absolutely thin watch with our slim bezel and crystal and pair it with a slim caseback. You are looking at around 2mm off your build with this combination. Check out the parts by clicking here.

One of the best parts of building your own watch is that you can use a unique blend of parts so your watch is 100% unique and exactly what you want! 


Use The Best Parts

With the kinds of watch mod parts that are in the market today, you can make Seiko Mod Watches in any way that fits you. At namokiMODS, we offer some of the best Watch spare parts in the market, so you always get the most for your money. 

While Seiko is one of the best watch companies out there, it has its own style, and you may want to make something that is your very own. Let us help, and with our extensive range of parts, you can make incredible timepieces. 

Happy modding!

November 15, 2022 — Jeremiah A


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Hav u ever try titen Edge model of watches thickness of watch 5 mm and plz nake slim case back for seiko srpe63 plz 🙏🏼

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What is the slimmest, lightest case (including bezel) compatible with the NH35 that you sell?

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