So you want to start modding a watch but can’t decide which is the best model... You've heard chatter on the watch modding forums about the SKX007 and SKX013, but you’re not sure what are the differences between the two. Today we take a closer look at the pair of them, and the modding possibilities each one brings.


The Most Obvious Difference - Size

At first glance, they might look identical and in most aspects, they pretty much are the same. The most striking difference between the two is the case size.

The SKX007 is the elder sibling with a 42mm x 13mm case, whereas baby bro SKX013 comes in at 38mm x 13mm. The SKX013 is ideal if you have tried on a SKX007 before and felt that its 42mm case size was too big. One thing to note is that both models are 13mm thick, which gives the SKX013 a thicker overall proportion sitting on the wrist. 

Stocky stock: (Left) SKX013 vs SKX007 (Right)


Modding Possibilities

There’s no doubt about it, the SKX007 or newer Seiko 5 Sports SRPD (or 5KX as modders affectionately call it) has the widest range of mod parts available. From the multitude of bezel and bezel insert options, domed sapphire crystals, crowns or even a sapphire display caseback to show off the movement inside, you’re sure to be able to find something you fancy. The world’s your oyster when modding a SKX007, and there are almost endless possibilities! 

Side note - the Seiko 5 Sports SRPD and the SKX007 share a lot of compatible parts. However, not ALL parts are cross-compatible! You can find more information about this in our blog post about SKX007 and SRPD compatibility here.

Pictured: Just 1 of 273712948379384 possible SKX007 builds


The SKX013 is relatively newer in the mod scene. Modders are now starting to explore building a watch with a smaller case, and the baby SKX is quickly gaining popularity. Unlike the SKX007/SRPD that has a plethora of parts available, there are fewer designs and part options currently available for the SKX013. This has limited the watch to field watch mods, Explorer style mods, and other casual style designs.

However, fret not! We’ve been busy developing parts and will have a whole bunch of new SKX013 parts available soon. We love the SKX013 case with a cleaner, more minimal look. Here’s one paired with our polished pilot bezel for a simple yet stunning end-product:


A change of profession: Diver turned Pilot


All our dials and hands will fit both the SKX007 and SKX013 as they share the same workhorse 7s26 movement. You can even supercharge your watch movement by upgrading them to a Seiko NH36A that comes with hacking and hand-winding features!


Why Not Both?

Why Not Both?

This girl is wise beyond her years


Looking for something special for the missus? Pair the two together, and you will have the perfect His and Hers pair of watches.

Build them both from the ground up with our SKX007 and SKX013 cases and you’ll be able to customize them down to the very last detail. Some examples here:


Left: PVD Matte Black SKX013 mod. Right: PVD Matte Black SKX007 mod


Left: SKX013 Pilot mod. Right: Steel SKX007 mod


Bottom Line

If you have smaller wrists (or just prefer your watches on the smaller side), go for the SKX013. 

If you like having a greater variety of mod part options available to you, the SKX007 still reigns supreme. That being said, we're working on a bunch of new SKX013 parts as we speak. The baby SKX deserves some attention, too, and we'll make sure that happens.

Whatever you choose, you can't really go wrong with either, and we love them both. Happy modding, modfam!

July 05, 2020 — Gerard L


Fraser Delaney said:

Does the 007 and 013 share the same sized crown tube? I.e can the same crown be used on both watch cases?

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