The Seiko SKX007 has been the go-to watch for modders for the longest time. It's a no brainer - no other watch model has as many compatible mod parts.

If you have a preference for microbrands, particularly Orient watches, you must be painfully aware that there are not a lot of modding options for their watches despite having similar build profiles to the popular Seiko SKX line. If you want something that looks new on your wrist, your only option would be to buy another model.

Until now.

If you own an Orient Mako or Orient Ray (1st or 2nd generation), you're in for a treat: you don't have to give in to peer pressure and pick up an SKX007. You'll be really happy to hear that we have just released 2 bezels (available in Coin Edge and Submariner styles) that essentially acts as an "adapter" for SKX007 bezel inserts.



When you install this bezel on your Orient Mako or Orient Ray, you will be able to use any bezel inserts that are compatible with the SKX007 (Check out our complete range of SKX007 Bezel Inserts here!). This opens you up to a much wider range of options if you're looking to mod your Orient dive watch.

Happy modding!

October 03, 2019 — namoki guest


Ricardo said:

Cómo calculo el valor total con envío a Colombia ????

Chris Gongora said:

Hello, I have an Orient Kanno that I would like to modify by adding a blue ceramic bezel that resembles a Tudor Pelagos do you have the right parts?

Jeremiah - namokiMODS said:

Hi David! We’re more active with answering questions through our support email. You can reach us at

David said:

Does anybody ever answer any of these questions being asked? Does not look like it.

Nils said:

Hi. Do you offer mods for Orient mako cem65004b?

Maciej said:

I have an Orient Kamasu (RA-AA0810N19B) – will your bezels fit it? I want to buy coin type & ceramic vintage style insert.

Another question – will this insert require a double-domed sapphire? OEM sapphire in this model is flat.


Joey S said:

Hey how’s it going, off topic question. Any idea if the SKX007 case back cover fits the Orient Kamasu?

Tom said:

Hey i got Orient Ray 2 and i would like to buy a bracelet from you, are the compitable ?

Jeremiah - namokiMODS said:

Hi Mikael! Our Seiko dials are 28.5mm whereas Orient Ray 2 dials are 31.5mm

Mikael Rydell said:

Can I use any dials for my Ray 2?

Best regards

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