So you want to learn how do some basic mods to your Seiko dive watch. Here's the good news -- It's really not that complicated. We promise!

There's a ton of resources and tutorials on the internet to guide you through the process, and this is where it gets a little overwhelming. Which tutorial should you follow? What tools do you need? Where should you buy them from?

In this blog post, we wanted to collate only the most useful content that you'll need to learn how to change your bezel insert, so we'll be keeping this blog post short and sweet.


This is a great video by LumeShot, that details everything you need to know and more.

Here's another walkthrough that's definitely worth watching, done by the very entertaining MinitWatch.

After watching these videos, you'll quickly realise that changing the bezel or bezel insert of your Seiko watch isn't really that complicated. It doesn't matter if it's an SKX, a Sumo, a Turtle, Samurai, or even a Rolex Submariner -- when it comes to changing your bezel or bezel insert, the same principle applies regardless which model of watch you have.

Tools Needed

Now that you (kinda) know what to do, these are the tools that you need to get the job done.

If you're looking to do more involved mods (ie. you want to do more than just changing you bezel or bezel insert), you might want to invest in a full watch tool kit. Here's a solid option that won't break the bank

Alternatively, if all you want to do is swap out your bezel and bezel insert, this nifty tool will do the trick. We have a caseback opener tool on our webstore, which happens to be pretty damn proficient at popping bezels off as well. And if you prefer to keep your tools separate, here is an opener tool that is specially used for bezels.

We'll update this post as and when we discover content that is helpful in educating you how to change your bezel and bezel insert.

What're you waiting for? Get your mod on!


February 10, 2019 — namoki guest


Michael Jurina said:

Sehr gute Info
Eine Frage hätte ich an sie vielleicht
Können sie mir Sagen
Wie ungefähr sich der Preis für einen Tausch der Bezel Einlage ist ich Habe eine Seiko MM
Es grüßt Michael Jurina

Roman Gajewski said:

Moin!!!Sehr interressante Ausführung!Gibt es ein Video für eine Citizen Promaster,200mtr.Diver, Automatik,Mod.-Nr.NY0140-08E Calibernr.8204 Würde mich über Antwort sehr freuen!!mfg

Fernando said:

Buenas noches amigos , de un reloj que estoy montando , resulta que tras abrir el paquete la caja estaba suelta cayendo de no mucha ayuda ( gracias a Dios ) , lo unico , el bisel de acero se soltó de la caja , de forma que ahora va suelto , es decir , sin los click , ahora va de seguido y si tengo que desmontar toda la máquina y demás y esperar que me manden otro … hasta el mes que viene puedo estar esperando , e imagino que tendrá que existir algún arreglo , agradecería vuestra ayuda , feliz fi de para todos

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