A Seiko Mod business may be profitable, rewarding, frustrating, and fun, all at the same time. But only if you know what you are doing!

You are reading the final post for a 3-part entry in our Modding for Many series - a series that will show you:

  •         how to build your own community
  •         how to market your services and keep clients happy
  •         how to turn your hobby into a lucrative business
  •         and more!

Click here to read part 1, where we talk about knowing your target market and tips about which Seiko modding tools to get. 

And click here for part 2, where we share the info on where to get your mod parts, as well as establishing your online presence as a modder.

Without further delay, here are our last two tips!


Tip 5: Offer templates to your clients

When a potential client approaches you, chances are they already have a specific design in mind. This would be easier for you since all you would have to worry about next is to source the parts, create the build, and deliver it to them. The problem arises when they approach and they don’t know how they want the watch to look yet.



Think of it like going to the barber shop: some of you would already have a picture ready on your phone to show how you would like the haircut to look. Others prefer to choose a hairstyle from the poster.

You would want to prepare “Templates” for your customers. It may be a bit costly at the beginning if you are modding with no sure buyer out there, but having a portfolio of mods show people that you have the skills to do the watch mod for them. You don’t have to build from scratch for each mod – when possible, reuse some of the parts to lower your expenses.



As mentioned in the previous section, some mods are so popular that they are built again and again. These popular mods can serve as a reference design that will make it a lot easier for your client to visualize the watch they want made. You can also offer your own concepts and designs, but it is generally safer to start with builds that are already known to the community.

Quick tip from @Nafokies: Modders can come up with a lot of designs and combinations, but it is best if parts suppliers like namokiMODS can come up with an online design template for customers to mix and match their combinations. 


Tip 6: Stay connected to your clients

You’re starting to get clients already – people reach out to you via DMs or emails, and they want to use your service to build them a watch they’ll be happy to wear. So, you make one and ship it to them.

Should your service stop there? Absolutely not.



If you are not a naturally friendly person, it is time to start being one. Do not just treat your customers as someone who is giving you money in exchange for a modded watch. Try to make small talk and ask them how they decided on *that* particular design. Update them regularly on the progress of the build. Start a conversation on your shared hobby of watch mods.

In the world of sales, this is called “building rapport”, and what it does is it builds trust between you and your client. They would be more forgiving of any delays you may encounter with your work and more likely to listen to your suggestions.  More importantly, they become more likely to recommend you to others or come back with new requests.


The Right Way to Brag

Once you finish the build, show it off to social media and tag them (with their permission) and give them credit if they thought of the design themselves. And even after weeks or months have passed, try to check in on past customers to see how their Seiko is holding up.

Send subtle reminders to people of the good service you have provided them and they can be repeat customers for you. As the 20/80 principle states, up to 80% of your profits will come from just 20% of your clients, so take good care of them!

Quick tip from @Nafokies: Being and remaining interactive with customers are the best way to make your customers feel appreciated. Treat them with respect and let them have a say/opinion when it comes to designing their watch. 

Final Thoughts

You will not need to be the fastest or the most creative modder out there to be successful. As long as you take as many opportunities as you can and you continue to consistently improve along the way, you’ll make it far in the Seiko modding community and have a successful business.

And if you need a reliable supplier of Seiko Mod Parts, check out our shop to see what options are available to you. If you are already known in the Seiko modding space, you might be interested in becoming a partner. Check out this blog post for more details.

Happy modding!

July 09, 2021 — Jeremiah A


PIK said:

This series was a great read full of fantastic tips. Thanks for sharing your advice!

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