Breaking into the world of watch modding may seem intimidating because watches can be complicated and pricey. All the options out there require a lot of thought and choosing the right watch for you takes time. 

Once you have acquired a timepiece, it is important to protect it, and decide if you want to mod it. The case of a watch is one of the essential parts of a watch, and a vital component that holds the entire build together. 

Here at namokiMODS, we produce a wide range of watch cases. Let’s look at some of the factors that can influence what kind of watch people enjoy owning. 

Why Choosing The Watch Case Is Important?

A watch case is obviously one of the most important parts of any watch. As in cars, the engine might be the one making the car move, but it’s the chassis that gives the car its identity. It’s quite the same with watches: not only does it project a specific look, it also is the base for all the other components that make up a watch. 


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If you’re going for a build that’s minimalist or maybe even stealthy, you wouldn’t want to choose a case that has a lot of angles and cuts, or one that’s brightly colored. On the other hand, if you want a watch that naturally attracts attention, you may want to go for an unusual looking case, or one is inspired by a popular classic.

The material is another factor to consider. The most common material for watch cases is stainless steel which is a fine choice, but if you itch and develop rashes easily, you may want to opt for a Titanium case that is hypoallergenic and avoids this type of issue. There are also plastic cases available in the market that may look like a toy to some, but for others is a very interesting case that lets you see through the watch.


 There are even wood cases, although these are probably much less durable than other materials.


You can find a lot of watch spare parts out there, and namokiMODS offers some of the best available. If you are new to the watch world, there are a lot of watch cases to explore. Let’s take a look at some of the cases we offer, and you can decide which one is the best fit. 

SKX007 Case - The Classic Seiko Diver 

The Seiko SKX007 is one of the most popular Seiko watches in the world of watch modding. Of course, there is a good reason why the SKX case works so well for modding. explore our deep selection of SKX007 parts, just click here

It’s not too flashy, but not boring either. You can transform the SKX007 into a lot of different styles, from homages to divers from other brands, to completely new styles that you can create yourself. 


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If you are going for a minimalist look, cases with no crown guards may be a good choice. By pairing the no crown guard case with a pilot bezel and some sterile dials, you could have a field watch that also looks somewhat dressy.

In addition to its dimensions, the SKX case is also sleek and fits most people well. The 42mm case diameter seems to be the sweet spot for the majority of the population, and the shape of the SKX007 makes it even more comfortable to wear.


 Source: Jack_hypoxia


The case itself and the compatible parts for it are basically everywhere. You will not find a watch modding supplier that does not carry an SKX007 case - it would simply be illogical.

To date, the SKX007 remains as one of the most popular models in the Seiko pantheon, and if you want to explore our deep selection of SKX007 parts, just click here. You won’t be disappointed! 

Submariner Case - The Only Case for Rolex Homages

The Rolex Submariner is arguably the most iconic dive watch in watch history. It has been a trend-setting timepiece since its launch, and is the base for numerous dive watch designs. 

Of course, to own it, you have to deal with exorbitant Rolex prices or their years-long waitlist just for the opportunity to purchase the watch. It isn’t the tool watch it once was, and it has a high price to match its exclusivity. 

A Seiko SKX Submariner mod is a great way to tap into the style of a Submariner. We offer a wide range of Seiko mod parts such as NMK909 Submariner case, which takes all the standard SKX parts. 


Source: @marcleong on IG


We offer steel and polished PVD Seiko submariner cases that can make a great starting point for any SKX submariner mod. In addition, the NMK909 case takes Seiko OEM and aftermarket SKX parts so that your creativity will not be limited!

On the other hand, modders can create their very own SKX007 Submariner style watch built by paring the SKX Submariner case with our extensive selection of bezel inserts. Need some inspiration on how to style your own Seiko Sub? @Marcleong on IG is a recommended follow!

B&R Case – New Ideas 

Square watches are unique and have a great wrist presence. B&R does one of the best square watch designs out there. In addition, square watches also take advantage of the bigger surface area to include additional features. If you want to build a watch that not many others have, this would be a perfect choice.

If you want to create your own square watch, there’s a Seiko mod case, called the NMK921 B&R, which you can use SKX007 mod parts with.


Source: Modderire on IG


Our square case is designed to accept any SKX007 mod parts so that you can use industry-standard Seiko mod parts to create any kind of look you want. The NMK921 B&R case is a Diver-Pilot hybrid case made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which can dive down to 200m if properly assembled.

We also offer our case in brushed steel, black PVD, gold PVD, as well as rose gold PVD. The case bundle already includes a square case back and matching crown. In addition the NMK921 B&R case can be used to create a field watch or a pilot watch.

Titanium Case - The Best for Comfort

Titanium is an amazing metal and is the material of choice for products or structures that require lighter weight than steel. Some of the reasons why this metal is a great fit for divers watches such as resistance to rust and corrosion, scratches, and also its hypoallergenic property. It might just be the best material to use for dive watches.


Not to mention its unique finish. 


namokiMODS’s Titanium SKX cases use Grade 5 Titanium which is much stronger than steel at about half the weight. In addition, Grade 5 has “self-healing” properties so that scuffs or scratches on your watch will slowly disappear as the unoxidized portions of Titanium will create a gray patina upon contact with air.

We love to offer our clients interesting options, and these Titanium cases are something we’re proud to be able to offer the modding community! 


Field Case - Essential for Any Outdoor Watch

Field watches are among the most popular watches in the history of watchmaking and deliver incredible value for money. With namokiMODS, you can create your own field watch that is a perfect fit for your taste.

We offer a range of cases in which you can build a field watch including our NMK912 Field Watch case which comes with everything you need to make an amazing field watch. This is a versatile 38mm diameter case that is topped with an AR-coated sapphire crystal. Watch mod parts come in all shapes and sizes, and we love to give you great options. 



If you want a watch that is like the SNK809 with a hacking and hand winding movement, you can pair the NMK912 case with an NH35 movement and our Khaki Field dial. On the other hand, you can also make a field watch with a lighter color face with our Seiko mod parts.

Our latest additions are the NMK931/932 which are perfect for an EDC watch. They are proportionally balanced with straightforward designs in the 38mm size. If you’re planning on an SKX013 build that you can bring with you in an outdoors excursion, this may be the best option for you.

Loads of Options With namokiMODS

Modding watches is a fun thing to do and the market for cases has grown with the hobby. Seiko is one of the most popular brands to mod, and the Seiko SKX007 is one of the reasons why a Seiko watch can be so easily modded. 

The Japanese watch brand allows you to tap into a wide range of parts, and  customize everything on your watch . We can help you with basic mods, like swapping the straps, or more involved mods like installing new bezels, and even changing cases. We also have loads of crystals, dials, and hands that fit a range of Seiko models. 

namokiMODS has all the parts you need, whether you are looking for Seiko spare parts, or aftermarket watch spare parts for your next mod! 

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